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About Codeway
Codeway was founded in 2020 with a vision of turning strong ideas into sector-leading mobile products.
Today, Codeway is a thriving tech company with multiple sector-leading apps, and is home to 120+ bright & curious minds in Istanbul, Turkey.
​​And with our beloved mid-core tower defense game Rumble Rivals, we aim to join among the biggest tech companies in the world!
If you’re passionate about mobile gaming and especially want to work in a long-term game project, keep reading and deep dive into our world from


Are you the talented Sr. Game Developer everyone is looking for? If so, by now you may have noticed that your skills are in high demand.
First, we offer you an opportunity to take your skills beyond hyper casual: You’ll build mid-core/hard-core mobile games. You’ll focus on one thing at a time, but you'll do wonders with that one thing.
Second, you’ll join a team with a proven track record: We built mobile products that reached over 90 million users worldwide, and we’ll welcome you to make our next hit together.
Third, you’ll become a part of a team that is starting strong & dreaming big. Our past accomplishments allowed us to create the work environment and the team culture that we always dreamed of. You’ll work in a beautiful office while enjoying unique side benefits.

What You'll be Doing

·       Unleash your creativity by transforming game ideas into fully operational mobile masterpieces using Unity.
·       Support all aspects of game development from feature design to implementation, launch, QA, and maintenance.
·       Be the game dev maestro, orchestrating projects from inception to completion.
·       Support UX efforts to keep players hooked.
·       Design, implement, and fine-tune game mechanics for a seamless experience.
·       Join forces with our game artists, designers, backend developers, and DevOps gurus to forge legendary prototypes and final projects.
·       Embrace your inner guardian, ensuring the quality of the code and systems created by the whole team.
·       Create flexible code that can be easily updated as the game evolves.
·       Communicate ideas clearly, absorb wisdom from peers, and provide valuable insights.
·       Play and enjoy a variety of video game genres and titles to stay inspired and fuel your passion.

What You'll Bring
·       A degree (BS/MS/PhD) in Computer Science, Game Development, or a related field; or an equivalent amount of real-world experience
·       At least one published mobile game or prototype showcasing your skills (excluding Hyper Casual games)
·       3+ years of experience in Unity 3D and mobile game development
·       A solid understanding of programming fundamentals
·       The ability to write clean, efficient, and well-documented code that even poets would admire
·       A solution-focused mindset, equipped with ninja-like problem-solving skills
·       Experience in plugin integration for Android or iOS
·       A history of developing UI, audio, and animation systems that bring games to life
·       Excellent CPU, GPU, and memory optimization skills
·       An excellent understanding of software architecture, design, and development – you're a software whisperer
·       Besides technology and programming language, having strong object-oriented & data-oriented skills including design, coding, and testing patterns
·       A curiosity for new tech, always eager to chat, discover, and share the latest tools and trends
·       Analytical, practical problem-solving skills that make Sherlock Holmes envious
·       Fluency in English, for clear technical discussions and fostering efficient internal team interactions.