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About Codeway

Codeway was founded in 2020 with a vision of turning strong ideas into sector-leading mobile products.
Today, Codeway is a thriving tech company with multiple sector-leading apps, and is home to 120+ bright & curious minds in Istanbul, Turkey.
We create mobile games and applications that millions of users love. We curate bold ideas and transform them into fast-growing products - from concept, through development, up to global market expansion. Our products have reached over 100 million users across 160 countries in six continents - and we’re just getting started.
If you’re passionate about mobile apps and especially want to work in a long-term app project, keep reading and deep dive into our world from


Every product team needs to be fast-paced & data-driven to be successful. And it takes an exceptional Product Specialist to make it happen.

As a Product Specialist at Codeway, you’ll work directly with our Head of Product and Executive Team. While you take part in every aspect of your products, you’ll make data-driven decisions guided by business-related insights.

It will be an important part of your job to understand different needs of different teams and allocate engineering efforts accordingly. You’ll help them to get meaningful insights from data and you’ll systematically re-prioritize the Product Backlog by taking business priorities into consideration.

As you master both your technical and soft skills, you’ll simultaneously prepare yourself to be an excellent Product Manager for Codeway’s next generation of apps.

At the end of the day, who could be a better candidate for being a perfect Product Manager, than a Product Specialist who has been in the front lines of building a matchless product culture, understands marketing, and is able to speak the same language with engineers?

Yes, we both know the answer!

What You’ll be Doing
·      Systematically analyzing big data sets to answer questions that will drive different product roadmaps and create impactful results.
·      Periodically re-prioritizing the Product Backlog considering the business priorities as communicated by the Executive. 
·      Clearly articulating the business value to the product teams and making sure they understand the intent behind every new product or product release.
·      Taking part in every aspect of your product such as brainstorming a new feature or releasing a new update.
·      Leading cross-functional teams with your communication from the concept of the product all the way through to its launch.
·      Understanding the different needs and perspectives of different teams by working closely with the data team, marketing team, QA team, executive team, etc. 
·      Continuously benchmarking, monitoring and understanding market needs and requirements, competition, customer/user requirements, and emerging technologies.
·      Iterating with A/B tests and coming up with data-driven product decisions such as optimizing UX/UI and monetization. 
·      Optimizing and tracking monetization channels to improve LTV.
·      Testing ongoing tasks and ensuring that everything is on schedule.

What You’ll Bring
·      Passionate, curious, creative, motivated, and eager to learn.
·      Self-directed and able to drive detailed solutions to completion with minimal oversight.
·      Desire to make a real impact: make your team better, improve results, work smart.
·      Strong analytical skills and problem-solving attitude. 
·      Passion for data-driven insights..
·      Detail-oriented and obsessively organized.
·      Practical understanding of Scrum principles and practices
·      Eager to work with cross-functional teams.
·      Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
·      Familiarity with Product Development Lifecycle 
·      Proficiency with SQL.
·      Experience with business intelligence systems such as Looker, Tableau, Domo etc. is a plus. 
·      Ability to quickly and professionally adapt and adjust to changing circumstances.
·      Having a deep understanding of the product, marketing, and data needs.