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About Codeway

Codeway was founded in 2020 with a vision of turning strong ideas into sector-leading mobile products.
Today, Codeway is a thriving tech company with multiple sector-leading apps, and is home to 120+ bright & curious minds in Istanbul, Turkey.
We create mobile games and applications that millions of users love. We curate bold ideas and transform them into fast-growing products - from concept, through development, up to global market expansion. Our products have reached over 100 million users across 160 countries in six continents - and we’re just getting started.

‍If you’re passionate about mobile apps and especially want to work in a long-term app project, keep reading and deep dive into our world from


From strategy games to AI-based mobile apps, here at Codeway we create a wide range of products. As we launch new apps & games and reach tens of thousands of new users daily, our DevOps team ensures that Codeway scales seamlessly.
Such a seamless growth is only possible thanks to massively scalable cloud infrastructures. As a member of the DevOps team at Codeway, you’ll be working on some of the most unique challenges in the industry, including:
·       Working on globally available and highly scalable cloud environment setup and maintenance.
·       Maintaining several Kubernetes clusters across different regions.
·       Automating deployments for microservices.
·       Working with different types of workloads such as CPU & GPU bound products.
·       Spending your valuable time to provide globally accepted solutions for the complex problems we face every day.

What You'll be Doing

·       Working with development teams of independent studios to extend our devops infrastructures and best practices to these teams.
·       Running, maintaining, and monitoring multiple Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud.
·       Supporting engineering teams with different Google Cloud services for their needs and workflows.
·       Optimizing the operational costs.
·       Working on Codeway’s central Logging, Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure (Cerebro).
·       Participate in on-call rotations, driving restoration and repair of service-impacting issues.‍

What You'll Bring

·       Experience working with a productionized Kubernetes cluster & automating the Continuous Deployment Pipelines.
·       Experience in maintaining platform services like function runtimes and managed supplementary services for event driven execution.
·       Centralized logging and monitoring background for applications on Kubernetes platform
·       Declarative application and infra resource management.
·       Good amount of understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, GCP and CI/CD principles.
·       Self-motivated and proactive, ability to spot the missing pieces in our systems, fill in or improve the existing state.

Preferred experiences:

·       ArgoCD or FluxCD for Continuous Deployment on Kubernetes,
·       Source code management and CI integration with Gitlab,
·       2 years of on hands experience in managing apps on Kubernetes,
·       Familiarity with GitOps practices,
·       Understanding of microservice environments and its requirements,
·       System development using devops principles and skills.

What’s in it for you?

· Great Place to Work - As our top team member, you'll be a part of a fast-growing startup and have the privilege to enjoy our accredited “BEST WORKPLACES” environment, ranked first among all workplaces.
· A Competitive Compensation Package. Long story short, we take care of you.
· Quarterly Compensation Adjustment Program. Codeway operates globally. So, it is our responsibility to make sure that your global purchasing power stays the same, or only goes up.
· A meal compensation that is actually enough for a decent & nutritious lunch, we’re not following the industry standard.
· Full Health Benefits. To keep you away from all the trouble.
· Cool tech stack. A brand new Macbook, iPhone 13, magic mouse, magic keyboard; an adjustable desk with a 4K screen and any other gadget you may need in your job.
· Sport activities support. We care about your physical wellbeing and support your gym membership.
· Learning never ends! Training budget to help you grow in your role, gain new skills, and learn new things!
· Udemy Free Pass. An unlimited Udemy subscription.
· Flexible schedule & unlimited vacations. This isn’t a “clock in, clock out” company. We care about your productivity, not tracking every minute you’re on site. It’s up to you to always be responsible with your work, no matter where you are or what schedule you’re keeping.
· English course support. Be more global and perform best at your work.
· Feel better. We are pleased to offer free psychological counseling services through our corporate partnership with Meditopia.
· A Top-Notch Office. Located at the heart of Istanbul, right next to Levent Metro Station at Ferko Signature.
· Unlimited coffee & soft drinks at Codebucks. Yes, you’ve heard it right: We love coffee so much that we’ve built our own coffee shop inside our office.
· Free breakfast. At Codebucks - every morning at 9:30 AM.
· No Dress Code. Dress as you like.
· Happy hours every Friday: Every. Single. Friday. When it’s 5 PM: Screens off, party on! (Check out Codeway on Instagram)
· Dream Team. Average Codeway member is young, talented, and passionate - which makes our working environment extremely dynamic. Need proof? Take a look at our Instagram.
· Gaming area. Whenever you need to take a break from hard work and relax with your favorite games, our PS5 corner will be waiting for you.
· Software support. Subscription to any software you might need to perform at your best.
· Relocation support to Istanbul. We understand how difficult moving can be, especially if you are changing cities. If you’re the talent we’re looking for, we support you in your relocation to Istanbul.

The Recruiting Process

We are committed to keeping our recruitment process short and transparent. Here’s how it looks like:

1. Application: Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile. You can also just write a few words about yourself.
2. Case Study: We might send you a task to solve.
3. Talent & Culture Interview: Let’s talk about your experience & expectations and see what we can achieve together.
4. Technical Interview: You will meet with future team lead to go over the case and your technical capabilities in detail.
5. Final Interview: A final interview with the executive team to see if we're all on the same page.
6. Welcome Aboard! You are now a part of the team.