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Seattle, WA

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- Our Vision -

We bring together two concepts: the fitness video and the fitness class. We love the fitness video, we think its the best medium for coaching. It's accessible anytime, anywhere and gives people access to the best coaches at a reasonable price. But fitness videos are dated. They're still mostly sold on DVDs for one. Also, they're stylistically speaking a bit lame, the production value often just comes across as cheesy and old school.

So at Cody more than half the company's focus is in producing fitness videos. We deliver them on our apps and the web, we work with popular, hip fitness talent, and we try our best to not be cheesy.

The biggest problem with working out to fitness videos though is that it's a solitary activity. When we talked to people that tried unsuccessfully to use them, they always would talk about how it was hard to motivate. To push yourself each day to do something on your own in your living room.

That's where fitness classes really shine. When you're not at your regular fitness class, people notice. Your instructor, your class buddies know. And when you're in class, they push you to go harder and do things you'd never be able to do on your own.

That's the second half of Cody. We build a social experience around our videos that connect you to the instructor and others taking the same class.

And its in bringing together these two concepts that we can create an accessible yet intimate fitness experience.

- About Cody -

Cody Inc. is a funded and profitable fitness startup based out of Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA. We are a 11-person team that mixes media and technology to create transformational fitness experiences. We do this by producing professional-quality fitness videos and releasing them on our social web and mobile apps.