Machine Learning Intern

Toronto /
Modelling /
Ship state of the art models to production.

Design and implement novel research ideas.

Build elegant training/deployment pipelines.

Who are we? 
We are a group of passionate researchers, engineers, and domain experts working on bringing large scale language models to the public. Our goal is to enable the deployment of state of the art transformer based neural networks safely and effectively. At Cohere, our mission is to build machines that understand the world, and to make them safely accessible to all.

As a Machine Learning Intern, you will:
- Design, train and improve upon cutting-edge models
- Train extremely large scale models on massive datasets
- Explore continual and active learning strategies for streaming data
- Publish your work in top-tier conferences and journals
- Learn from experienced senior machine learning technical staff
- Work closely with product teams to develop solutions
- Join us at a pivotal moment, shape what we build and wear multiple hats!

You may be a good fit, if you have:
- Proficiency in Python and related ML frameworks such as Tensorflow, TF-Serving, JAX, and XLA/MLIR
- Experience using large-scale distributed training strategies
- Familiarity with autoregressive sequence models, such as Transformers
- Strong communication and problem solving skills
- A demonstrated passion for applied NLP models and products
- Bonus: experience writing kernels for GPUs using CUDA
- Bonus: experience training on TPUs

The perks:
- Work closely with a team on the cutting edge of AI research
- Open and inclusive culture and work environment
- Full health, dental, and med.
- Free lunch
- Fitness + wellbeing initiative
- 6 weeks vacation
- Visa support, if required