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Coinsquare's Product & Engineering team is looking to add highly skilled Developers to our growing team. If you are passionate about your field then reach out. We value your personal insight and ideas as much as your programming skills. In no particular order, some of the things we look for most in candidates are: A desire to collaborate on complex problems, a willingness and interest in learning from anyone (or what folks these days are calling a "growth mindset"), a sense of humbleness and an appreciation of puns. If you've got what we're looking for, get back to us with some projects that you're proud of! We love passionate people who pursue the things they love, so show us what you're proud of.

Your job will be to architect, develop and maintain our application code. You should have some experience (or the desire to learn about) blockchain technology, cryptography, secret management, secure hardware, and the software development process.

An ideal candidate will have most or all of the following (with 2 or more years experience):

    • Extensive experience with JavaScript/NodeJS and Python
    • Experience using blockchains and other digital assets (e.g. ERC-20 Tokens, Stellar Assets)
    • Deep understanding of the technical foundations of blockchains (wallets, transaction structure, smart contracts, validation, consensus)
    • Extensive experience applying cryptography fundamentals (hashing, signing, encryption), both public key and symmetric variants, ideally in the context of blockchain
    • Experience with automated testing, and continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD)
    • Familiarity with best practices for handling secrets
    • Familiarity with writing secure, resilient, and well tested code
    • Familiarity with security focused code audits and reviews, for your own code and others

Experience with the following ideas/concepts/technology is a plus:

    • Secure hardware such as smart cards (Ledger Nano S, Yubikey), trusted execution environments (Intel SGX, ARM TrustZone), etc.
    • Familiarity with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), their usage and security properties
    • Familiarity with a writing code/firmware for embedded system or hardware
    • Container and Orchestration (Kubernetes)
    • Familiarity with a multitude of programming languages
    • Familiarity with streams and/or queueing at scale (Kafka)
    • Familiarity with cloud based Infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud)
    • Familiarity with game theory as it relates to security and incentive structures
    • Familiarity with the mathematical underpinnings of cryptography (discrete math, number theory, abstract algebra, etc.)
Coinsquare is Canada’s leading and most secure digital asset trading platform for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital currencies.

We built the most secure trading platform, and since our founding in 2014 we’ve never lost a coin. We’re FINTRAC regulated as a money services business, meaning we keep all our clients' money in Canada and use bank-level security measures on our platform.

We’ve raised over $60M to date, growing from one employee in February 2017 to over 100 employees by January of 2019. We’ve been featured in major media outlets across Canada and are always dedicated to bringing digital asset investing to the mainstream through our various operations like digital currency mining, funds, capital markets, and other offerings coming down the pipeline as we grow.

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We’re full of bright and diverse thinkers. Team members have equal opportunities to contribute to our success within a scale-up culture that encourages self-starters, transparency and team connectivity.

We know diverse teams make strong teams. We welcome people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. If you require accommodation during the application process, simply let us know and we’ll ensure it’s a positive experience for you.

In order to promote and enhance the security of Coinsquare and our platform, just so you know, anyone receiving a job offer will be required to complete a background check.

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