Senior Software Engineer, Frontend

San Francisco, CA
CoinTracker's mission is to increase the economic stability and prosperity of the world. To date, we have enabled seamless cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax compliance.

As adoption of cryptocurrency grows and global digital native currencies emerge, CoinTracker is delivering a foundational layer in the financial ecosystem for tracking and using cryptocurrency. Today our users have filed over 10,000 crypto tax returns and track over $1B in crypto assets on CoinTracker.

A few things we’re proud of:
• User Traction: $0 → $1B in crypto assets tracked in two years
• Financials: >$1M/year in revenue, growing over 4X YoY
• Key Partnerships: Coinbase, TurboTax
• Investors: Y Combinator, Initialized Capital, Serena Williams, and more
• Founders: Jon and Chandan previously built TextNow ($50M/year revenue business) and worked at Google & Google[x]

Your opportunity:
Join a focused 10-person team that runs towards big technical challenges including scalable distributed systems, advanced algorithms, complexity of blockchains and cryptocurrency exchanges, lots of data. We have an idea of what you will do, but this is a startup and things will change as we grow. There is significant room for learning, and no room for hiding, politics, or distrust. We anticipate most of your time will be spent on shipping code, multiple times daily. Some of your time will be spent on engaging with users and working cross functionally with design, growth, and product. Almost none of your time will be spent on meetings or internal posturing.

You will:
• Continuously build and ship new features and improvements
• Take ownership and execute on top-level product and engineering objectives
• Define and iterate on our technical architecture, stack, engineering processes, and culture
• Scale CoinTracker to millions of users and beyond

We're looking for someone who has:
• Strong CS fundamentals: algorithms, data structures and system design
• Passion for cryptocurrency
• Startup attitude and an "always be learning" mentality

You will enjoy this role if you:
• Want to see your impact on a daily basis and value personal growth
• Prefer a high quality code base with minimal technical debt
• Enjoy a startup's speed with a schedule that allows for a personal life
• Enjoy eating lunch with your teammates
• Appreciate a customer-first mindset within an engineering-driven culture

You will not enjoy this role if you are:
• Pessimistic about the potential of cryptocurrencies
• Avoidant of taking ownership of a problem that is not your official responsibility
• Too senior to test your own code
• Only willing to code in your two favorite languages
• Not keen on talking with users