Technical Writer (Productivity, Remote/Anywhere)

Cambridge, UK
Collabora Productivity
Identifying, describing, and communicating complex technical features and functionalities of our two products: Collabora Online and Collabora Office.

A succesful candidate has:

    • Ability to independently sift through git repositories and commit logs, bugzilla, and technical specifications with the objective of compiling, summarizing and organizing information meaningfully
    • Excellent understanding of strategic importance and utility of Office Suite in collaborative and virtual projects
    • Adequate familiarity with LibreOffice, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, and similar products in productivity category
    • Familiarity with open source ecosystem, projects, and work processes
    • Excellent English writing skills
    • Curiosity and self-starter attitude
    • Disciplined, terse, crisp methodological approach in working with different pieces of information
    • Open Source contribution and coding experience
    • Linux desktop and tools experience
    • Ability to build and compile un-released bespoke software from source code without assistance
    • Experience producing technical marketing content.

Great to have:

    • Experience working with software developers in team
    • Software engineering degree or equivalent years of work experience tweaking software