People Lead (Remote/Anywhere)

Cambridge, UK
Do you work in a software engineering environment and have a passion for developing people? If so, we want to hear from you! At Collabora, we are restructuring our engineering team which has opened up a new position for a People Lead.

This new exciting role at Collabora is to ensure our Collaborans receive a consistent high standard of people management, to foster communication and  engagement, ensure well-being and best-in-class performance across the business while sustaining our unique culture.

Engaging our people does not fall entirely on your shoulders and requires collaborating with the other key stakeholders in the organization (Project Managers, Account Managers, Technical Sponsor, Technical Leads, Engineering Manager, People Operations). You will be in a unique position to understand and implement what it takes to ensure our people feel even more supported than ever while working at Collabora.

This role is about:

    • Having meaningful conversations with the people you will take care of throughout the year.
    • Creating a trusted relationship, understand what your teammates value and to enable them in achieving this.
    • Ensuring all company communication reaches out to each and every person with all the required context, being objective in communicating all the facts, not your assumptions.
    • Turning every get-togethers into spaces for genuine connection.
    • Handling open and honest coaching conversations to help each and every person understand their strengths and areas of improvements.
    • Supporting the people personal aspirations and objectives in a way that is aligned to the objectives of the organization.
    • Understanding the performance and development planning process and supporting your team through the process.
    • Guiding and support the team, through regular conversations, tracking progress against objectives, managing performance issues.
    • Making difficult decisions as and when required.

Key Responsibilities:

    • People Leadership:
    • Communicate (make sure everyone hears the same story, act as a thermometer for people’s feelings), engage with people and nurture an inclusive and safe environment, showing attention for people’s success, well-being and interactions through regular conversations (team meetings, 1:1s)
    • Help/coach peoples career development and aspirations through Personal Development Plan (PDP) discussions
    • Collect effective performance feedback from various stakeholders and deliver in a timely, regular and consistent fashion
    • Run talent assessment and participate in the pay review cycle
    • Serving as an escalation point and report issues to the Engineering Manager and People Operations Team as necessary
    • Develop opportunities for more regular internal meetups

    • Recruitment/On-boarding:
    • Participate in recruitment, grades assignment and rate negotiations
    • Manage the new joiners’ onboarding process alongside the POps team
    • Participate to the recruitment and on-boarding processes optimisation

    • Skills Management:
    • Document and track engineering skills matrix to match business opportunities forecasts and achieve strategic needs and company growth
    • Participate in people assignment to projects balancing between projects’ needs and people’s aspirations

Who are you?

    • You are passionate about your work, love to share, coach and embody some of our key values such as Openness, Transparency and Trust.

    • You will need to have years of experience demonstrating:
    • Experience of working in distributed complex and multi-faceted environments and thriving at communicating with others.
    • Proven experience in managing (1:1’s) and developing people (PDP’s) in remote teams across multiple time zones within an engineering environment
    • Strong soft/communication-centric skills: both listens and shares information
    • Coaching skills: taking an “Ask vs. Tell” approach
    • Able to work with salary, development and other people-related issues sensitively and professionally
    • Ability to lead and inspire and to act in the best interest of both the individual and the company
    • General technical understanding of the technologies Collabora work with: Embedded Linux systems, Linux kernel, GPUs, multimedia technologies, etc.
    • Ideally, participation to some Open Source Communities. Being an open source software engineer who has successfully made the transition to develop and manage engineers would be a clear advantage.
Collabora Ltd. is a software consultancy specialising in bringing companies and the open source software community together. We combine years of open source software leadership with an understanding of the challenges that businesses, non-profits, and governments face. Collabora brings deep technical expertise in system integration & architecture, graphics, multimedia, web engines and communications to a number of market verticals, including mobile, IVI / automotive, set top box/smart TV, and a range of other specialised embedded applications.

Collabora has the unique business model of enabling enterprises to leverage Open Source software in their solutions. Having worked with notable industry leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and handset mobile verticals amongst many others, Collabora has established a broad customer portfolio.