Mechanical Product Design Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Full-time is bringing ghostriding to the masses. We have over 7,000,000 miles of 20+ FPS video from thousands of users driving with our dashcam app, chffr, and more than one thousand developers around the globe driving with our open source driving agent, openpilot.

openpilot currently supports more than 5 million cars in US alone, including more than 50 different makes, models and model years. We also sell EON Dashcam DevKit, which integrates with the comma ecosystem and can run openpilot.

We're looking for motivated and intelligent engineers to join our team in our San Francisco office. Bonus if you've done well at math competitions (USAMO, IMO, PUTNAM) and competition programming (ACM, USACO, Code Jam, Topcoder). We offer competitive salaries and typical startup perks, including a gym membership, chef-cooked meals and unlimited snacks.

• Develop the next-gen EON Dashcam DevKit and increment users by 10x
• Move product from concept to production
• Prototype mechanical assemblies using 3D printing techniques
• Lead the discussions with manufacturing partners
• Understand thermal and mechanical requirements of consumer electronics products
• Know about tolerance analysis and FEA calculations
• Proficient with CAD tools, such as Fusion360, CATIA, Solidworks etc.
• Knowledge of injection molding procedures
• Experience in DFM and manufacturing assembly flow and fixture for consumer electronics products