Training Specialist (1st Shift, Mon-Fri)

Mentor, OH
Department – Human Resources
Are you passionate about creating a culture of learning within a company? Do you want to equip employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for highly technical jobs by building sophisticated training programs and curriculums? Do you thrive in a fast-paced work environment that promotes teamwork and innovative solutions? Imagine the rewards of applying your background to a field that will allow commercial planes to keep flying.

Working at CRT:
At Component Repair Technologies (CRT) we hire, train, develop and lead a robust team of highly technical workers that make the most difficult types of repairs on gas turbine engines. We are a certificated FAA repair station. We operate in the Aerospace field as well as the Marine & Industrial space working with the airlines, engine overhaul shops as well as original manufacturers such as GE, Pratt & Whitney and IAE. We are a local privately held business right in Mentor, Ohio and we have been in business since 1985. We offer a “family style” environment with ample opportunities for individual growth at all levels. Come join the CRT family and watch your career soar!
FULLY-PAID health Insurance, profit sharing bonuses, and paid tuition for job-related courses and programs on-site and at area colleges!

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Responsibilities for the Training Specialist

    • Assess training gaps - Develop in-house, or find from outside sources, assessments for the organization to use to identify gaps in overall training programs at the organizational and department/process level. Training programs include quality systems, HR programs, regulatory requirements, safety procedures and systems, and Human Factors training, as well as technical training programs for specific positions.
    • Assess basic skill gaps - Identify gaps in basic skills such as math, reading, basic shop skills, or basic process knowledge of individuals who are in positions, or who are applying for positions within the company that require them. Use written or practical tests as best suited to the skill being measured. Provide remedial training programs when required to address basic skill gaps.
    • Conduct training - Conduct initial training including onboarding and new-employee orientation. Conduct group and individual training in classroom settings. Conduct skill-specific hands-on training.
    • Provide or develop training materials - When training course needs are identified, locate courses from outside sources, or where necessary, develop courses in-house to fill those needs. Enlist the assistance of department leaders and technical leaders within the company for the development or identification of training materials. Use A/V equipment as necessary. Stay up to date on software and A/V systems for training purposes.
    • Form training teams - Work with company management to identify trainers within the company to utilize in-house talent for the development of training programs and for structured on-the-job training.
    • Schedule training/proof of competency testing - Work with management to schedule initial and recurrent training. Ensure that all employees receive required training and/or achieve proof of competency in a timely manner or when required by regulations or company quality and safety policies.
    • Training materials - Work with management to ensure that training materials are available and maintained. Maintain course materials and supply those materials as needed when courses are scheduled.
    • Training records - Maintain all records of employee training and Proof of Competency. Maintain records of all courses offered. Update records as required to keep current with changes in regulatory and customer requirements, new products, new processes, and individual training achievements. Make records available to management when required for employee performance reviews, company, department, and individual assessments.
    • Training facilities - Maintain orderly training facilities. Set up facilities for training events.
    • Regulatory requirements - Maintain FAA required Training Manual current. Work with Quality Department to notify FAA of changes as necessary. Maintain all forms and documents required by the FAA Training Manual. Work with compliance experts within the company to ensure that training programs meet OSHA, EPA, FAA, or other regulatory requirements.
    • State Apprenticeship Programs and programs with outside agencies - Work with the State of Ohio to maintain CRT’s apprenticeship program(s). Work with community colleges and universities, vocational schools, outside companies including OEMs, and organizations such as NAM, NTMA, ASM, SAE, ASNT, FAA, ERC and others to maintain robust training programs for CRT employees.
    • Communication - Articulate complex material to others in a way that is easy to understand. Work with individuals from all levels of the organization and from outside the organization.
    • Monitor training program effectiveness - Conduct surveys and acquire feedback on effectivity of training. Work with Quality and other departments to assess impact of training on Cost of Quality and company performance. Report to management on effectivity and status of training program.
    • Positive attitude - Promote company goals and values during onboarding and training. Work with HR and company management and supervisors to encourage employee development throughout the organization.

The ideal candidate should possess:

    • Minimum Qualifications:
    • Associate degree or higher in education, HR, training, communication, or other relevant field.
    • One to three years’ experience in classroom development, application, or training facilitation.
    • Ability to work independently.
    • Experience developing curriculum or training course content and materials.
    • Ability to understand difficult concepts and be able to disseminate into useable training materials.
    • Dynamic facilitator that can connect with trainees and who utilizes different adult learning techniques to help attendees connect with the material.
    • Mechanical comprehension and high level of curiosity.
    • Proven Project Management experience.
    • Strong interpersonal skills.

    • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Bachelor degree or higher in education or training and development.
    • Experience using and administering Learning Management Systems, preferably SABA products.
    • Experience using training content creation software, preferably Articulate Storyline.
    • Experience with the Adobe suite of software products, including Premier, Illustrator, etc.
    • Prior experience with community relations, including building and maintaining relationships with local and regional educational institutions.
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CRT is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and promoting the health and well-being of its employees. It is the Company’s policy to only hire individuals who do not use drugs/nicotine products. All candidates will be screened for drug/nicotine use prior to hire. Employment opportunities at CRT are open to all qualified applicants solely on the basis of their job-related experience, knowledge, skills and abilities. CRT complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws with regard to equal employment opportunity.

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