Senior Product Designer

San Francisco

About Us

Connect is on a mission to make ‘social’ tech mean face to face -- rather than face to phone.

It’s crazy how much time and attention we’re spending staring into screens, when our technology could just as easily be helping us get out there in the real world -- doing the things we love, with the people we love. The new product we’ll be launching this fall is designed to do just that.

The Role

We’re now looking for a Senior Product Designer to join our SF-based team.In this role, you’d be working on a four-person product team that includes one other designer.

About You

    • You know a thing or two about startups. You’ve shipped multiple products and know what it means to gather data, iterate, and push designs into the real world.
    • You’re skilled in the practice of user-centered design. You work to uncover user needs, both stated and observed. A/B’s, diary studies & evaluative surveys are all in your toolbelt.
    • You’re a collaborator and a team player. You appreciate confidence, but ego doesn’t fly -- with you or around you.You are energized both by solo work and by long periods of collaboration.
    • You're product focused, but wear all of the hats. Device pixels are your home, but you’re not afraid of a little CMYK. You’re able to both delight users with thoughtful animations and flawless interactions, and also pump out banner layouts and responsive web flows. Ideally you have a background in traditional graphic design and have applied these skills across contemporary disciplines.
    • You work at every fidelity. From napkin sketches to fully polished flows, you’re constantly sweating the details and relating your work back to business goals and high-level strategy.
    • Complexity doesn’t phase you. You’re quick to try solutions, but don’t demand easy answers. You’re confident enough to ask tough questions, even when the means to an answer isn’t in sight.
    • You’re passionate about this problem. You’re a social person, and relationships matter to you. You’ve got people to see and stuff you want to do. Maybe you’ve got personal hacks and habits to make it happen. Your time is worth something, and to you, this cause is worth your time!


    • 5-7 years of design experience with at least 3 years of human-centered product design experience (preferably mobile)
    • Experience leading the design process across the product development lifecycle from prototyping, to visual design, to iterating on live products based on user feedback.
    • Experience developing wireframes, storyboards, mockups, prototypes, and live products - from concept to final hand-off the engineering.
    • Collaborate  with UX research team to collect and synthesize qualitative and quantitative feedback to inform and validate design decisions
    • Experience participating in brand development
    • Translating brand requirements into interaction and  visual design language
    • Experience working across departments, and helping to define and refine design best practices for optimal efficiency and quality in user experiences.
    • Strong portfolio demonstrating repeatable design process that results in simple and intuitive user experiences

Nice to Haves

    • Good understanding of web (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery) and mobile (Andorid, iOS) technologies.
    • Ability to produce stunning interaction designs on top of current industry trends
    • Understanding of common software development and project management practices


    • Competitive compensation package
    • Excellent health benefits
    • Beautiful office in downtown SF (right at Powell Street MUNI / BART)
    • Scenic rooftop for lunches and sunsets
    • Healthy (or less healthy) lunch options delivered everyday
    • A snack game that puts other startups to shame
    • Kombucha on tap
    • A well-stocked library and constant opportunities to learn

Our History

Our first app was a relative success, winning Best Overall in the 2014 LAUNCH Festival, second at the SxSW Accelerator, and eventually scaling to 4.2MM users. Then last spring, we lost access to the FB and Linkedin APIs along with everyone else -- and that meant we could no longer help our users keep track of all their relationships in one place.

So last September, we turned our attention to finding a new value proposition -- squarely centered on our mission, and not dependent on outside APIs. We went back to the studs, doing over a hundred hours of interviews, producing dozens of prototypes, and studying the competitive market with our users. We’ve honed in on our early MVP, which is in private alpha.

The Team

We are a diverse team for a tech startup, representing 8 countries, the East coast, West coast, and Midwest. There are four women, ten men -- and so far, one couple (Caen and Anima are married). When people meet our team at events, they generally say we stand out for a blend of EQ/IQ. Which makes sense, given that we’re working on a social product. :)

Things we’re into: game conferences, music festivals, Burning Man, skiing, podcasts, amusement parks, salons on neuroscience, politics, and civic tech, dinner parties, entrepreneurship...and living IRL social lives with partners and little ones.

Our networks: Dartmouth, Google, Summit Series, AirBnB, FOO Camp, Skoll World Forum, Oxford.

In Summary

We’re an early-stage startup that’s on its way to launching an new product. That means the sky’s the limit for our future together. And you’re coming in at a really fun time!