Senior Backend Engineer

Engineering /
Full-time /
- Innovate and Maintain: Design and implement key improvements to the Everclear (prev Connext) codebases, focusing on enhancing product quality and protocol reliability.
- Ownership: Take ownership of maintaining and improving parts of our existing stack, with an emphasis on backend infrastructure.
- Quality Assurance: Support system-wide monitoring and alerting to ensure our infrastructure remains robust and reliable.
- Open-Source Collaboration: Review and accept code contributions from open-source developers and community members, fostering a collaborative environment.
- Cross-Team Collaboration: Collaborate with external teams within the ecosystem to integrate and align our technologies.
- Remote Team Coordination: Effectively co-work with remote teams across different time zones, ensuring seamless communication and project progression.

- 3+ years of experience with highly performant, concurrent distributed systems.
- Extensive experience building and maintaining production systems at scale.
- Experience with Typescript, Rust, and Go.
- Basic experience with Ethereum development paradigms (Ethers, Hardhat, etc.).
- Familiarity with Postgres and SQL.Familiarity with queue architectures such as Kafka, Docker, AWS.
- Excellent communication and organizational skills.
- Experience with security hygiene best practices
- Security first mindset
- A drive to be constantly learning - much of what we're working on is groundbreaking technology and requires having an investigative, growth mindset to succeed in.

- Experience with p2p networks and consensus systems.
- Experience with Solidity.
- Dev ops expertise (Kubernetes, Terraform etc.)