Staff Engineer

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Software Development
About ConsenSys Health:
ConsenSys Health helps the healthcare industry operate Ethereum-based solutions for cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, bioethics and identity with the deep technical capabilities of ConsenSys to advance the healthcare industry.
We want our team, and the world, to think of the work we're doing as life-and-death-significant. Critical for the future of humanity. While we laugh and have a good time, it's no joke, because of how much our results MATTER.

 Rigor | Discipline | Seriousness | Significance
Urgency | Customer-obsessed | Intrinsically-motivated | Excellence

We use innovations, e.g. blockchain and machine learning, to create sustainable and value-based healthcare.


Job Description:
Working with a resourceful group of DevOps and The Project Phoenix (book) believers, use your DevOps skills to build applications and systems that will help our customers showcase their new and disruptive enterprise software. ConsenSys Health works alongside customer clouds and integrates with public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.. You will join a team of talented HealthTech engineers who are building software solutions to improve Precision Medicine in Health IT.

Your day will be filled with a range of tools, infrastructure and services - new and existing - with an aim to elegantly and efficiently solve problems and deliver
practical, maintainable and scalable solutions. A few times a week you’ll be working with new customers and prospects. We are obsessed about our customers' experience and you’ll work closely with our developers and customer success engineers to solve problems.

Desirable skills and experience
●  BA/BS in Computer Science or 4 years equivalent experience
●  Solid foundation of automating and scripting configuration tasks, e.g. Ansible, Chef, Terraform
●  Solid application design, coding, testing, maintenance and debugging skills and strong experience with Python and Go, and some experience with Java 8/J2EE distributed application development, REST, and domain model Microservices, Spring Boot, API gateway, etc.
●  Node.js, PHP, Java-script, jQuery,, Web servers (Apache), database (MySQL)
●  Knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python or Golang
●  Java Spring Boot strong nice-to-have.
●  Highly Proficient with modern Unix/Linux operating systems/distributions
●  You have experience with cluster management systems (Kubernetes, Tanzu)
●  Experience with CI/CD, containers and/or virtualization, web servers, and databases
●  Effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills and ability to relate to people at any level of business and management
●  Aptitude and attributes to dig in and learn are vital for our team

Bonus Health Points
● Professional experience as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)