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About ConsenSys Health:

ConsenSys Health helps the healthcare industry operate Ethereum-based solutions for cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, bioethics and identity with the deep technical capabilities of ConsenSys to advance the healthcare industry.
We want our team, and the world, to think of the work we're doing as life-and-death-significant.  Critical for the future of humanity. While we laugh and have a good time, it's no joke, because of how much our results MATTER.

Rigor | Discipline | Seriousness | SignificanceUrgency | Customer-obsessed | Intrinsically-motivated | Excellence

We use innovations, e.g. blockchain and machine learning, to create sustainable and value-based healthcare.

Web: https://consensyshealth.com/

Job Description:

At ConsenSys Health, our UX Designer, or User Experience Designer, is responsible for monitoring user experience and ensuring that websites, software programs and products are easy to use. Their duties include reviewing user feedback to determine potential defects or areas for clarity, working closely with other IT professionals and company personnel to refine user experience and performing usability tests on software products or website features to ensure functionality.

Desirable skills and experience

Identify target user groups and carry out interviews or other types of inquiry to help understand user needs

Ensure the creation and implementation of customized experiences for the digital user

Produce high-quality solutions through flow diagrams, graphic designs, storyboards and site maps

Provide guidance on the implementation of UX research techniques and testing activities to assess user behavior

Maintain a competitive edge against competitor products and industry trends

Perform tests on user interface elements such as CTAs, layouts, target links, landing pages and banners

Understand product specifications and user psychology and predict what might work for both

Bonus Health Points

Professional experience as a UX Designer

Experience building and maintaining large distributed systems

Experience managing internal and/or external customer requirements and expectations

Contributed to open-source, Blockchain, Decentralized Identity, Linux for Health, Sidetree, Larvel, MS SQL, Kendo-UI, AJAX, jQuery.

Additional Details

ConsenSys Health is a spin-off from ConsenSys, one of the world’s largest blockchain companies. ConsenSys solves the biggest problems in healthcare. We are part of an ecosystem of technology and industry partners who drive positive, inclusive change in healthcare and the life sciences.

ConsenSys Health is 100% remote and work-from-anywhere company. We are primarily sourcing full-time opportunities to fill (W2), we have some part-time and 1099/subcontracting opportunities. While 100% virtual, our team meets often throughout the day with and without video to talk about what we're doing that day, what we need help with, and general socializing. A sense of humor and humility is required to be successful with our team. If you like being autonomous, digging into business, health, and technology challenges, ConsenSys Health is virtually a win for you (and us).

Employment Type

Full-Time / Work From Home / Remote