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Update: We were able to hire for this role and aren't currently hiring. That said, if you're interested in working with us, please feel free to submit an application and we can reach out when we're hiring again in the future.

Corbalt is a small startup working to build better software infrastructure for government.

Corbalt was born out of the problematic launch of We were part of the tech team that came in to help fix and were inspired by how much everyone cared and worked hard to fix the site (from tech team members, to government contractors, and government employees), and how much progress we all made in a short time.

One of the core issues we found working on was that the government has hundreds of pages of security requirements, there's a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt around implementing these requirements, and this environment makes it much slower and more laborious to do anything.  We're working to address this problem using innovative technology to create software infrastructure that's easy to use and automatically implements many of these security requirements.

We're a small team with experience at Google, Palantir, Bell Labs, and Silicon Valley startups.  We work remotely by default and are spread across different states.

We'd like to hire a software engineer with the following responsibilities, skills, and values.


    • developing software in Go and Python (it's not important that you already know these languages)
    • reviewing teammates' code
    • writing design docs to communicate ideas


    • ability to own a project and push it forward
    • ability to work independently
    • experience with engineering best practices


    • growth-oriented mindset
    • intrinsic motivation to learn, grow, and do great work
    • kindness
    • grit / perseverance / resilience
We have a two-stage hiring process.

The first stage is an informal conversation to communicate what we're doing, clarify any questions, and gauge interest and fit.

The second stage is three components:
- a 10-20 minute presentation to the team describing what you did on a previous project.  We're more interested in learning about the work you did and your experience doing it vs. learning about the project overall.  For example, a possible time breakdown could be 2 minutes of project overview and 10 minutes on your role and what you did on the project.  We'll also leave some time for questions and discussion at the end.
- a 45 minute conversation with another person on the team to get an additional perspective on what our work is like. 
- a 4 hr mini-project where we'll work together on a problem based on something we've actually worked on.  The goal of this is to get an idea of what working together is like.