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Direct Hire
Video Creater
Starting salary: $60,000-$70,000
The Video Creator is passionate about creative video production and post production, and is ready to learn more about live action production on stage and on location, editing, graphic design, animation and social media marketing. Your primary responsibilities include learning how to manage a small shooting studio including managing video production gear, scheduling studio space and shoots, production and post production, podcast production for one of our main clients, the Illinois Policy Institute. You will work closely with Institute’s communications and policy teams to help shape their brand messaging via call to action video ads, educational and entertaining video stories and short and long form documentary films.

Job description
Video Production (40%)
Scheduling and prepping shoots on stage and on location
Prepping gear, coordinating gear rental for shoot
Booking additional crew for larger shoots (B-cam operator, Gaffer, Grip, Sound Recordist)Shoots and records content on stage and on location
Records podcasts on stage
Post Production (40%)
Edit (Adobe Premiere)
Minimal Design & Animation (Adobe Creative Suite):
Will also be working at times with the larger video editing and animation team
Establishing and maintaining production pipelines and organizing and managing files.
Experience creating digital video content & excel under the pressure of a deadline.
Working with Head of Production and IPI Communications team to set and manage schedules, reviews, manage feedback and final delivery of files
Studio Management (10%)
Manages the shooting stage, set pieces, video gear at the studio Thought leader in video, audio and post production technology
Manages miscellaneous internal requests for creative assets
May be required to perform other duties as assigned

Skills & Experience
3+ years of experience creating digital video content & excel under the pressure of a deadline.
Proficient in all aspects of production: experience behind a camera and knowledge of lighting and sound equipment
Competency in post production (may be working at times with the larger video post production team): edit, design and animation, VO recording, sound design, color grading, finishing.
Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with different levels of management and creative teams.
Familiar with social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
Bachelor’s Degree from a 4-year college, University, film, marketing or communications degree preferred

More about this role:
you will wear many different hats in order to properly manage our brand image and our growth goals as an organization. Here are just a few different things that will define you:
Creator. We are looking to you to take our video concepts and make them a reality. From helping with scripting, to storyboarding, live action to editing, and creating assets necessary for posting videos, you will have a lot of different opportunities to put your stamp on our work. Your creative voice and input are welcomed on all projects.
Data Driven. Video production is no longer just an art form, but a science. We are looking for team members that use data to inform the decisions they make when writing new scripts, recommending video length, or even ensuring the content we create speaks to the specific demographic it is targeting.
Good Listener. Part of the role of our video production team is to sit with our internal team, understand our new offerings, learn about our goals for growth as a company, and translate that into a story that our user base will easily understand and connect with.  Another component of this role is listening to the needs and requests of our clients, interpreting them alongside the goals of our business and executing them in true collaboration with our team of creators.
Organizational Freak:  At times we move at hyper speed and as exciting as that is, we are truly successful when we have all our thoughts and plans organized in a manner that allows us to work smart and efficiently with each other.  The goal to successful multitasking is delegation and collaboration and you must be at the center of it all, leading by example.  Organization goes beyond great note taking; it’s managing every aspect of a project with enthusiasm, attention to detail, follow through and at times raising your hand to ask others to lend a hand.