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The Center for Open Science (COS) is a performer for the DARPA SCORE program (link and link) to automate and validate methods for assessing credibility of research claims in the social-behavioral sciences.  COS will (1) create a large, enriched dataset of claims and evidence, (2) advance the efficiency and scalability of gathering that data, and (3) conduct replications, robustness, and reproductions of a sample of the claims to test the accuracy of confidence scores generated by the other performers. The project will provide substantial insight into reproducibility and credibility of social-behavioral research and has the potential to produce innovative solutions to improve research credibility. 

The Project Coordinator will help manage partner individuals and teams conducting replication (new data) or reproduction (same data) studies in developing study preregistrations, navigating IRB documentation, and rigorously documenting the process to maximize reproducibility. This work requires effective communication, attention to detail, effective documentation skills, and comfort with research methods, social-behavioral science literature, and managing many research practices on a variety of topics simultaneously. The Project Coordinator is expected to have approximately 50% effort helping with SCORE.

COS is also conducting a large-scale assessment of researchers’ attitudes, behaviors, and opinions about open scholarship behaviors such as sharing data, materials, and code; conducting replications, robustness, and reproduction studies; preregistration; preprints; publishing null results; and, open access. COS will administer a yearly, standardized, modular survey to various research communities to track opinion and adoption of open research behaviors (link). Understanding attitudes and behaviors relating to open scholarship and open research will inform policy-making efforts by journals, funders, and institutions for promoting open scholarship.  It will also foster research to understand culture change processes and compare subcultures of the research community on research practices.

The Project Coordinator will help track and administer the survey among the different research communities, help generate interim reports, and coordinate with the COS policy team to track any milestone initiatives among the communities that might influence attitudes, behaviors, and opinions. The Project Coordinator is expected to have approximately 50% effort helping with this survey administration project.

The Project Coordinator will report to the Director of Research. The team will operate in COS’s agile scrum management process with highly defined tasks and deliverables to track progress. Two week sprints with daily scrums will identify risks and bottlenecks early in project execution for intervention and correction. COS maintains proven infrastructure and methodologies to deliver on highly coordinated projects--technical and operational.  A major task of the project is to facilitate and manage research activities of dozens to hundreds of contributing researchers and laboratories around the world.  With extremely high coordination demands and an aggressive timeline, this role requires strong capacity to execute on defined goals on time and with exceptional quality.


    • Support evaluation of a diverse body of claims in social-behavioral sciences on methodology and findings
    • Documenting protocols and registrations for conducting rigorous reproductions and replications
    • Facilitate a caseload of replication/reproduction efforts by a distributed network of teams and individuals
    • Implement and administer survey to researchers assessing attitudes, behaviors, and opinions about open scholarship behaviors
    •  Coordinate tracking of initiatives among research communities with the Policy team
    • Supporting research objectives that ensure overall project success
    • Gathering and organizing materials and data from a variety of sources
    •  Implementing strong documentation practices for all project activities to ensure transparency and reproducibility


    • Research experience (Bachelor’s, Master’s or equivalent)
    • Experience with research methodology
    • Ability to rapidly assess research across a variety of social-behavioral science domains
    • Experience administering surveys, with use of Qualtrics a plus
    • Demonstrated commitment to transparency, rigor, and reproducibility in research
    •  Highly efficient and task-oriented
    • Attention to detail and very strong documentation and workflow management skills
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, and ability to work independently and in coordination with a team for advancing shared objectives on a very assertive timeline
    • Ability to prioritize, make decisions, problem-solve, and ask for help
    •  Experience with R, OSF, preregistration, reproducible workflows, replications (new data testing same question), robustness (multiple analytic approaches with same data testing same question), and/or reproductions (reanalysis of same data) is a plus

This position is located at the Center for Open Science in Charlottesville, VA.  Start date in January 2021.


This is a full-time exempt position. Salary is expected to be in the mid-40s.


COS offers full time employees:

Competitive salaries

401(k) with employer match. COS offers a matching contribution of 100% up to 3% of pay and another 50% up to 5% of pay (the full match will be 4% if participants elect to defer 5%)

Health, dental, and vision insurance. COS covers 100% of employee premium and 50% of all dependent coverage costs under the base plan

15 days vacation in year one

Paid family medical leave. COS offers paid leave for up to three (3) months to all full-time, regular employees to care for their child after birth, after or during the adoption process, or to care for their spouse, child, or parent who has a serious health condition

Modern office space and other amenities

COS promotes a flexible work environment that supports a healthy work/life balance.


Please submit a resume/CV and cover letter explaining your background and interest in the position.  Questions about the position and COS are welcome. COS is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from members of groups underrepresented in science and technology industries.