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Our mission is to build the Covariant Brain, a universal AI to give robots the ability to see, reason and act on the world around them. Bringing AI from research in the lab to the infinite variability and constant change of our customer’s real-world operations requires new ideas, approaches and techniques.

Success in the real world requires a team that represents that world: diversity of backgrounds, points of view, and experiences. Our common denominator: ambitious expectations, love of learning, empathy for those around us, and a team-first mindset. Read more about our culture at .

The Shenzhen team is responsible for building full robotics systems on top of Covariant Brain, as well as designing & manufacturing mechanical components.

As a Software Engineer, you will:

    • Design and implement internal- and external-facing interfaces for developing and operating AI-powered robot systems.
    • Build mission-critical robotic systems with attention to performance, reliability, security, and code quality.
    • Deliver previously-impossible robotics capabilities that solve real needs for our partners and customers.
    • Collaborate with, learn from, and support a diverse and cross-functional team, including mechanical, electrical and robotics engineers, AI/ML researchers, and business development.

We're looking for candidates with:

    • Substantial previous experience in designing, developing and deploying production-grade user interfaces.
    • A track record of architecting clean abstractions, driving technical decision-making, and setting priorities in collaboration with stakeholders.
    • Solid background in multiple programming languages (e.g. Python, TypeScript), and willingness to pick up new languages or technologies as needed.
    • Interest in working in a variety of technical areas to solve real problems and deliver business impact.

You might be a good fit if you:

    • Desire to work with a small collaborative team, with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility.
    • Are motivated to work on challenging real-world engineering problems without prior solutions.
    • Are excited to join coworkers that strive to be inclusive, thoughtful, and down-to-earth.
    • (Bonus) Are self-taught or switched to software engineering from a previous career in another field.
Note: the candidate must already have authorization to work in China.