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Are you a passionate gamer who loves tinkering with Unity and mobile game programming? If you find joy in Clean Code and get excited about software design patterns, we've got an incredible opportunity for you to join us at Creadits, a friendly and dynamic game development studio.

As a Game Engineer 1, you'll be part of an agile development environment, collaborating with artists, producers, designers, and fellow engineers. Get ready to assess visual, technical, and design specifications, providing constructive feedback and delivering accurate work estimates in a timely manner.

Your days will be filled with implementing server and client features and systems, all while adhering to our code quality and systems security standards. With a proactive mindset, you'll quickly get up to speed on assigned game projects and troubleshoot and fix technical issues with ease.

We value effective communication, so you'll have the chance to share your technical designs and decisions through verbal or written form, diagrams, documents, or code comments.You'll also have the opportunity to expand your technical skills, staying on the cutting edge of industry developments. We're looking for a detail-oriented and collaborative individual like you to be part of our team, where we prize integrity, transparency, and personal growth.

You're a great fit for our team if you have:
-2+ years of overall professional software development experience, showcasing your passion for coding.
-2+ years of experience with Unity 3D, demonstrating your expertise in this game engine.
-2+ years of C# programming experience, showing your proficiency in this language.
-Experience developing games for Android and iOS platforms, proving your versatility in mobile game development.
-Familiarity with Unity 3D's build, Input, GUI, and 2D systems, highlighting your understanding of the engine's functionalities.
-Proficiency in Git or other revision control systems, ensuring seamless collaboration with the team.
-Knowledgeable about multithreaded programming and design in .NET, displaying your technical acumen.
-Familiarity with Microservices and REST Web services, showcasing your expertise in these areas.
-Knowledgeable about database technologies, particularly relational databases like MySQL.
-Experience in developing Client-Server applications and APIs, proving your ability to create seamless interactions.
-Strong technical problem-solving and communication skills, empowering you to tackle challenges and collaborate effectively.
-A passion for applying Clean Code Principles, reflecting your dedication to producing high-quality code.
-A detail-oriented mindset with the ability to multitask, ensuring precise and efficient work.
-A proactive, forward-thinking, and collaborative approach to working with others, fostering a positive team environment.

These skills are a plus:
-Experience shipping games on mobile platforms (Android, iOS), showcasing your mobile game development prowess.
-Familiarity with game engines like Unity, expanding your repertoire of game development tools.
-A core understanding of game development, mechanics, and structure, showing your grasp of the gaming industry.
-Experience with Build pipelines and services deployment with Jenkins, proving your expertise in deployment workflows.
-Familiarity with cloud networking infrastructure setup and management, adding to your diverse skillset.
-Knowledge of UML, enabling you to effectively document and communicate technical designs.
Creadit’s team is comprised of data-driven innovators and disrupters. We think creatively, work efficiently, and contribute consistently. Creadits values an All-In Culture. We are initiative, adaptable, resilient, and committed. Our culture emphasizes collaboration across different departments and functions and are all passionate about our work and our product.