3D Unreal Animator - Freelancer

Europe/Middle East
/ Remote
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-Create high-quality animations for characters, creatures, props, and environments using Unreal Engine, adhering to project requirements, artistic direction, and technical constraints.
-Collaborate closely with the art, design, and engineering teams to ensure animations are integrated seamlessly into the game, including implementing animations through Unreal Engine's animation systems.
-Understand and interpret animation briefs, storyboards, and reference materials to develop compelling and visually appealing animations that enhance the game's narrative, gameplay, and overall player experience.
-Rig characters and objects for animation, including creating skeletal structures, skinning, and applying appropriate constraints to ensure realistic and smooth motion.
-Animate a wide range of movements, including walk cycles, runs, jumps, attacks, and facial expressions, while maintaining consistency in style, tone, and quality throughout the game.
-Troubleshoot and resolve animation-related issues, such as rigging and skinning problems, animation blending, timing, and performance optimization, to ensure animations are polished and function correctly in-game.
-Stay updated with the latest animation techniques, tools, and best practices in Unreal Engine, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the animation pipeline and workflow.

Skill Set

-Proficient in Unreal Engine and its animation systems, including Blueprints, Animation Blueprints, Montages, Sequences, and Skeletal Animation.
-Strong understanding of animation principles, such as timing, spacing, weight, anticipation, and follow-through, and the ability to apply them to create convincing and expressive character animations.
-Knowledge of 3D animation software, such as Maya, Blender, or 3D Max, for rigging and skinning characters and objects.
-Experience with motion capture data processing, retargeting, and editing.
-Familiarity with game development pipelines, including asset creation, optimization, and integration into Unreal Engine.
-Excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines.
-Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment.

Past Experience

-Previous experience as an Animator, 3D Animator, or Unreal Animator is typically required for this role.
-Experience in creating animations for video games, VR, AR, or interactive media projects is highly desirable.
-A portfolio demonstrating a strong understanding of animation principles, proficiency in Unreal Engine, and the ability to create high-quality animations is often required.
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