3D Unreal Cinematic Supervisor - Freelancer

Europe/Middle East
/ Remote
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-Lead and oversee the creation of cinematic sequences and camera animations using Unreal Engine, working closely with the art director and other team members to achieve the desired visual and storytelling goals.
-Conceptualise, plan, and execute camera movements, shot compositions, and visual storytelling techniques that enhance the narrative and emotional impact of the cinematic sequences.
-Collaborate with other departments to ensure seamless integration of cinematic sequences into the game, including implementing camera animations through Unreal Engine's camera systems.
-Provide artistic direction and feedback to a team of animators, ensuring that the camera animations meet the quality standards and vision of the project.
-Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to camera animations, including camera collision, clipping, and performance optimization, to ensure smooth and visually appealing cinematic sequences.
-Stay updated with the latest trends, techniques, and best practices in cinematic storytelling, camera animation, and Unreal Engine, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the cinematic pipeline and workflow.

Skill Set:

-Proficient in Unreal Engine, including its cinematic tools, camera systems, and sequencer for creating cinematic sequences and camera animations.
-Strong understanding of cinematic storytelling principles, shot composition, camera movements, pacing, and visual storytelling techniques to create emotionally impactful and visually stunning cinematic sequences.
-Excellent knowledge of cinematography concepts, such as camera lenses, focal length, depth of field, and lighting, and the ability to apply them to create visually appealing and realistic camera animations.
-Experience with camera rigging and animation, including creating and animating camera cuts, transitions, and visual effects.Knowledge of 3D animation software, such as Maya, Blender, or 3ds Max, for camera animations and sequencing.
-Strong communication and leadership skills, with the ability to provide artistic direction, feedback, and mentorship to a team of animators.
-Excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines.

Past Experience

-Previous experience as a Cinematic Supervisor, Cameras Animator, or similar role in the game, film, or animation industry is typically required for this role.
-Experience in creating cinematic sequences and camera animations using Unreal Engine, with a portfolio demonstrating a strong understanding of cinematic storytelling, shot composition, and camera animation, is highly desirable.
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