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Embark on a Journey with Us!
Creadits, a global game development studio, is in search of a dynamic and skilled Part-Time Community Manager who will also play a pivotal role in our creative journey. If you have a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and a genuine passion for community building, then you are the missing puzzle piece we've been searching for!

As our Community Manager, your role will not only involve fostering a strong, engaged community but also carry significant weight in shaping the developer-player dialogue. You will expertly navigate short-term tasks while setting the stage for long-term community and company objectives. Initially a product-level role, this position offers the potential for growth into a full-time, company-level responsibility as we expand. Your insights and community management skills will serve as a cornerstone for both our immediate projects and future ambitions.

You're a great fit for our team if you can:
-Build and maintain relationships across all player demographics, from hardcore enthusiasts to casual gamers, establishing a sense of community and belonging.
-Be the voice and face of our studio, producing engaging content that keeps our community informed and heard.
-Seamlessly integrate your community-building initiatives into our studio's production pipeline, bringing your ideas from concept to reality.
-Extend the reach of our community through strategic outreach efforts and development team involvement.
-Encourage and support player-generated content, while also overseeing the creation of shareable assets like teasers, videos, and screenshots.
-Develop and execute comprehensive Community Management plans, demonstrating an ability to independently manage time and set priorities.

-Minimum of 3 years of experience in video game community relations, displaying a thorough understanding of the multifaceted role of community management.
-Exceptional writing and content creation skills, with the ability to work independently.
-Experience in crafting and adhering to content schedules.
-Proficient in using social media tools across various platforms such as Discord, Steam, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.A self-reviewing mindset with the ability to seek, understand, and implement internal feedback.

Bonus Qualities:
-Previous experience in mobile Free-to-Play (F2P) products.
-Skills in video editing and/or experience in producing on-camera content.
-Public speaking capabilities.Background in video game QA, journalism, or community/server moderation.
-A deep-seated passion for games and live operations.Basic skills in Photoshop or equivalent content creation tools.

Creadit’s team is comprised of data-driven innovators and disrupters. We think creatively, work efficiently, and contribute consistently. Creadits values an All-In Culture. We are initiative, adaptable, resilient, and committed. Our culture emphasizes collaboration across different departments and functions and are all passionate about our work and our product.