Product Designer

San Francisco, CA

Creative Market is the platform where independent creators around the world buy and sell digital design assets. Our mission is to help creators around the world turn passion into opportunity.

As a Product Designer, you will be responsible for working closely with a cross-functional team to build new features and updates existing ones within a product that helps our 4M+ members engage with Creative Market and drive meaningful revenue for the 20k+ creators on our platform. You will collaborate with product managers, engineers, designers, researchers, analysts, and stakeholders on the entire product lifecycle.

Design Team Purpose
As a Product Designer on the Design Team, you are the embodiment of the design team’s mission, vision, and principles. Our mission is to create a unique, cohesive experience for our community through one unified design system. Our vision is to balance and improve long-term growth with great user experience across our products and brand. These should be reflected in all aspects of your work. You're passionate about user research, system thinking, user experience, optimization, and more.


    • Work close with a cross-functional product team to produce fast, effective cycles of design work aimed at shipping new features and feature improvements.
    • Participate in meaningful research to determine who we’re building for, what their needs are, and how we might fill them.
    • Iterate on core features to validate if our hypothesis is correct and our work is positioned to make a big impact for both our users and business.
    • Design clear and simple product design solutions in the form of visual and experience deliverables.
    • Navigate complex product system dynamics and user behaviors with ease.
    • Define realistic timelines for each design cycle required for the project to be completed and successful. Be accountable for your deliverables and timeline.
    • Shape user experience design deliverables that help the team navigate complex user dynamics and decide on the right approach for the target users.
    • Make improvements to UI and UX aspects of our design system inside your product team projects and as separate strategic work for the design team.
    • Own your work and work closely with the chief design officer to ensure best results.

Who You Are

    • Communicative: You start with listening and empathy. You keep others updated on all aspects of your work. You proactively reach out before critical questions or roadblocks become an issue. You speak and write with clarity and brevity. You articulate your decisions clearly, explaining what problems they solve and why.
    • Collaborative: You honor and compliment the contributions of your peers. You value receiving and giving feedback. You believe great design is the result of good collaboration because design is a shared responsibility across the team.
    • Professional: You hold yourself to high standards of decorum. You are productive, perceptive, honest, supportive, transparent, compassionate and self-controlled. You lack ego and put the best interests of the company and team above your own.
    • Learner: You love learning and share what you discover with the team. You pursue tackling new challenges. You stay curious and open about what’s possible. You desire to share iterative work to learn along the way.
    • User-Focused: You always build things with the end-user in mind. You make sure the team is talking to the right users before, during, and after building product work. You take pride in removing friction at every point of the user journey in our product. You value the time and effort our users invest in our product.
    • Detail-Oriented: You sweat the details because you know that millions of people rely on what you’re designing. You balance big-picture thinking with polishing the tiny details. You ensure all details in the UX and UI design work are thorough before the build goes out the door.
    • System Thinker: You understand how all components of the system fit together to create a unified experience. You see how new projects will impact the larger system and are able to clearly communicate these dynamics to the project team.
    • Passionate: You care about the creative and design communities. You take it to heart when you hear how your work helps our users achieve success or lessens their frustrations. It’s natural for you to over deliver. You want to elevate Creative Market to a highly competitive state in the industry.

Skills Required

    • You have a well-rounded knowledge of product systems, design thinking, user experience, and what’s possible to execute in code.
    • You set a very high bar for product design execution, process, and documentation. You hold your cross-functional and functional team peers to the same standard.
    • You deliver projects on time. You communicate well in advance if a due date needs to move and the reason.
    • You are responsible for the effectiveness of your work and how it serves our users because the business depends on it.
    • You balance qualitative and quantitative data in order to identify and solve complex problems that benefit our business and users.
    • You have experience and passion for using data to improve user experience.
    • You think deeply and quickly about product design decisions before delivering them to the team.
    • You have a track record of being open to others solving design challenges alongside you. You mentor best practices in design thinking in the team.
    • You have a strong desire to grasp the entire site from all our users’ perspectives(shops, buyers, and affiliates), and contribute those insights every day in meetings and the work. You have a passion for developing an acute understanding of their desires, motivations, and problems and how to solve them.
    • You thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. You work well in remote and office settings.
    • You are comfortable in Adobe Photoshop CC, XD CC, InVision and prototyping tools.
    • You actively build relationships across the entire company and support the work of the rest of the design team.

Experiences Desired

    • You have 3+ years working on web and digital product design work.
    • You have a B.A. or B.F.A. in Design with a focus in one of the following areas: web, UI/UX, product design (or an equivalent level of education).
    • You have experience working on a marketplace or eCommerce business.
    • You have experience working on startup MVPs or in a startup environment.

We're Offering

    • Location: San Francisco preferred. Working remote in the U.S. from the following states is ok: CO, CA, TX, NY, NC and WA.
    • Competitive compensation
    • Stock options
    • 401(k) plan
    • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
    • Generous paid time off
    • New workstation