Product Manager, Growth

San Francisco, CA

As the Growth Product Manager on Creative Market's Growth Team, you will be responsible for leading key strategic growth efforts within a focused, cross-functional, data-driven unit at Creative Market. You will work on the entire product lifecycle, collaborating with a team of engineers, designers, researchers, and analysts in quick iterative experiment cycles aimed at increasing our MoM growth rate and learnings about our users, product, and channels. Your efforts will directly help creators around the world turn their passion into opportunity.

Our Mission
As the Product Manager of the Conversion Team, you are the embodiment of the purpose of this team’s mission, and this purpose should be reflected in all aspects of your work. Our mission:

To become experts of our product, shops, affiliates, and customers. This expertise will ensure that we act on the most significant problems and opportunities, ultimately impacting how many people are buying and selling on Creative Market to the highest degree.

Our Principles
Drive Long-Term Impact
Bias Toward Action
Measure Everything
Continually Improve
Respect Thy User

Desired Personal Attributes

    • Strong sense of purpose
    • Desire to collaborate, listen, and receive feedback
    • High integrity
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Obsessive attention to detail
    • Aggressive and competitive mentality, while maintaining the utmost respect for people
    • Intellectually curious
    • Objective
    • Lack of ego: you put the best interests of the company and the team above your own.

Areas You Will Own

    • Work cross-functionally with designers, developers, researchers, and analysts to build impactful, metric-driven solutions and tests that accelerate Creative Market’s growth rate and improve customer acquisition, retention, revenue, and profit per customer.  
    • Report to, and work with, the VP of Growth and Marketing to shape and prioritize the Conversion Team’s roadmap based on quarterly themes and objectives.
    • Work with analysts and user researchers to define product metrics; analyze testing results to extract key insights and learnings; and manage user research projects to learn more about our shops, users, and affiliates.
    • Develop detailed and comprehensive product requirement scopes alongside designers and developers that enable them to function as efficiently as possible, while concurrently working with and managing feedback from multiple stakeholders across multiple teams.
    • Help executive leadership understand opportunities and risks to inform decision-making.
    • Be a purveyor of the Conversion Team’s mission, process, standards, and hypothesis-driven approach. Proactively upkeep and advance our learning-driven approach across the Conversion Team and the greater company.
    • Work with all stakeholders to set, manage, and exceed deadlines.

Skills Required

    • You are relentlessly focused on long-term success and driving measurable results toward goals. You’re able to continually and ruthlessly prioritize projects and next steps by the greatest potential impact, risk, and resources required and push those projects forward in the face of obstacles.
    • You have 2+ years’ experience managing analysts, designers, and developers, leading complex user and metrics-inspired projects. You know how to deploy these people efficiently to have the biggest impact on set goals.
    • You have a well-rounded knowledge of growth, acquisition, conversion optimization, and retention. You have a passion for continuing to expand your knowledge around these areas.
    • You have an analytical mind, are very comfortable with large quantities of data, know what to look for, and have the ability to spot a trend others might miss. You know how to use data to derive insights that increase growth and learnings. You weave qualitative and quantitative data analysis together to identify and solve complex problems.
    • You are a systematic thinker, understanding how all the components of the marketplace will fit together and how new projects will impact the larger system.
    • You possess exceptional communication skills and articulate your decisions clearly, explaining what problems they solve and why.
    • You are hypothesis-driven. Everything you and your team work on has a compelling and articulate answer to “Why?” before anything else.
    • You have a solid understanding of UI/UX design. You should be able to think deeply about product design decisions and spot weaknesses in the work presented to you. You can effectively work with the right people to address and eliminate those weaknesses. You have excellent user-centric design and product sense and a passion for using data to improve user experiences.
    • You have a high bar for product, process, and people that borders on perfectionism, and you hold the entire team to this same standard while delivering projects on time.
    • You are incredibly detail-oriented, process-driven, and organized—personally and within the team—but can ensure we ship high-quality product at a timely pace. Balancing multiple projects, deadlines, and requests should be second nature to you.
    • You lead without technically managing people. You get stuff done without direct reports or clearly defined hierarchical influence over the project team, just with a strong desire to see the best work done.
    • You have a strong desire to grasp the entire site from all our users’ perspectives: shops, buyers, affiliates, etc. Over time, you’ll need to develop an acute understanding of their desires, motivations, and problems.
    • You can assist engineers in making some technical decisions, but you don’t have to be an engineer. You should be eager to learn more from a technical perspective and able to talk at length about technical challenges they have faced when building past products.
    • You thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
    • You want to build relationships across the entire team.

Skills Desired

    • BA or BS degree in a quantitative field such as economics, mathematics, statistics, or computer science/engineering.
    • Experience working in a marketplace or e-commerce business.
    • Experience working at a high-growth startup.
    • Expertise with the tools we use: SQL, Looker, Optimizely (basic HTML, CSS, Javascript skills a plus), Google Analytics, Amplitude.

Location: San Francisco strongly office preferred. Remote positions also available in California, Washington, Colorado, Texas, New York, North Carolina, and Idaho.