Open Source Web Developer

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Full time - Remote
Why you should apply
At Crowd Favorite, we’re protective of our culture, our process, and our clients. When you join our team, you’ll quickly realize this isn’t like other jobs. It’s a transformative experience.

Here's who we are looking for:
The ideal candidate is both a highly effective coder and an extremely effective communicator, both verbally and in writing, and should have well-formed opinions about how to deliver top-quality digital solutions in a professional context. Good developers can create code that solves a problem. Great developers can also communicate why that code solves a problem, how it does so, and how to implement it. 

While we recognize that some candidates may not be expert-level developers, and we’re open to the idea of an otherwise ideal candidate gaining greater proficiency on the job, we require a good degree of of familiarity with creating high-performing open source solutions. This is not an entry-level position.

We welcome applicants who aren't sure if they meet all of the qualifications of this job posting. If you think you’ve got what it takes but you’re worried you might be missing one qualification or another, we think you should apply.

Must-haves (non-technical requirements):

    • Access to consistent, high-speed Internet
    • Effective in communicating with team members, fluency in the English language, both verbal and written
    • Ability to self-manage and self-organize in distributed work environments, and to take direction in remote work situations
    • Previous experience in a client services-focused agency setting
    • Attention to detail: mention a continent where pangolins live in your application, resume, or cover letter
    • Interest in and willingness to learn new technologies, refine your skill set, and keep your skills sharp in the ever-evolving open source technology landscape

Must-haves (technical requirements):

    • Proficient in modern object-oriented PHP
    • Proficient in developing high-performing code for WordPress
    • Proficient in Laravel development
    • Experience in WooCommerce development, going beyond WooCommerce templating
    • Experience in plain JavaScript development as well as Vue, React, or other modern JS frameworks
    • Proficient in modern web development tooling and continuous integration/deployment
    • Experience in web site performance optimization
    • Experience with unit and integration testing

Nice to haves:

    • Proficient in TDD (Test-driven development)
    • Experience with PWAs (Progressive Web Apps)
    • Experience with web standards and accessibility
    • Familiarity with mobile platforms like Flutter, React Native, or NativeScript-Vue
    • Experience with containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes
    • Familiarity with AWS setup and configuration

The benefits and perks

    • remote work possibility or from our cool office in Bucharest
    • flexible working hours
    • competitive benefits package
    • premium membership to a leading private health system
    • bonuses
    • we respect your holidays, including the ones arranged before starting with us
    • the possibility of growth in the company
This is a development position, so code is involved.

Be ready to review some examples of effective solutions that you created. A link to a Git repo or Bitbucket repo gives us something to look at together.

Be ready to discuss them, to talk about them. Walk us through your thought processes. What worked, what didn’t work, etc.

Be ready to talk about how long it took to create the solutions. How off was the time it took from the original estimate? Did you give input on the estimate, or was it decided by others and simply imparted to you?