VP of Engineering

Software Engineering

Crowdfire is a super-smart marketing sidekick for creators like e-sellers, bloggers, YouTubers, authors, artists, freelancers, and more. While it is easy today to create a website using Wix/Wordpress/Shopify, it is hard to attract an audience. This is the single biggest reason for failure in this segment. We are fixing this problem and helping our users succeed online.

Over 1.5 Million people have used our beta version since its launch last year. We're growing rapidly, and as we scale, there's plenty of space for you to grow alongside us and help millions of creators win! As a VP of Engineering, you'd be responsible for setting the technical direction of Crowdfire and getting the product out of the door on time, every time. You'll oversee all things tech - from recruiting to management, retention, and empowerment of our Engineering team.

About the job:

    • We believe that we already have a stellar Engineering team that's mad about building things and solving problems with their code. You will ensure that they have the right processes and tools to be effective.
    • You'll help us hire and build a high-performing team, and train and retain them.
    • You'll work collaborate with the Product team to build product roadmap, and features that will help our users succeed online faster.
    • You'll represent Crowdfire at conferences and events, and help promote the Crowdfire Engineering brand. We'll cheer for you on social media and Slack/Telegram. ;)
    • You'll build, foster and evangelize about the value of a data-driven development culture.

About you:

    • You have at least 6 years of technical experience and 3 years of management experience. We'll love you more if you've worked on consumer facing products at huge scale.
    • Your amazing technical experience makes you the go-to person for discussing any technology trends, related news, or guidance.
    • You're a proven troubleshooter, and you can fix any issues that get in the way of the team's success. You also love sharing ideas that would motivate and inspire your team to accomplish all they're capable of and more.
    • You possess extraordinary written and verbal communication skills.

About our Tech Stack:

We use (and experiment with) different programming languages and databases based on the scale and requirements of the micro-services.

Backend: Primarily Java and Node.js; also Python and Golang.
Infrastructure: Mainly AWS, and Kubernetes
Databases: Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, Aerospike, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, and Redis (cache)
Web: React, Redux, Socketio, Webpack, Ember, Handlebars, Grunt, Node and Hapi
Mobile: Java for Android, and Swift and Objective-C for iOS.