Director of Engineering

Software Engineering

We're building the world's first AI-driven marketing bot that will help over 100 million individuals and small-businesses grow online everyday. Crowdfire's 15 million+ users spread across the globe include freelancers, artists, e-sellers, bloggers - the underdogs who will rule the world!

We’re looking for an exceptionally talented leader to help us set up a world-class Engineering team in Bengaluru, and head it.

About the job:

    • We are expanding our team to Bengaluru and you’d help us hit the ground running!
    • We believe that we already have a stellar Engineering team that’s mad about building things and solving problems with their code. You will help us take it to the next level by guiding them, and helping us scale the team. We expect you to support your team and help them to grow toward their goals.
    • You’ll build, foster and evangelise about the value of a data-driven development culture.

About you:

    • You have at least 8 years of experience in building and leading a tech team, and working on consumer facing products at huge scale.
    • You’re always at the top of your game, and the go-to person for discussing any technology trends, or related news.
    • You’re a huge fan of Ted Talks. Just kidding! But you do love sharing ideas with your team that would motivate and inspire them to accomplish all they are capable of, and more.


We use (and experiment with) different programming languages and databases based on the scale and requirements of the micro services.

Backend: Primarily Java and Node.js; also Python and Golang.
Infrastructure: Mainly AWS, and Kubernetes
Databases: Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, Aerospike, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, and Redis (cache)
Web: React, Redux, Socketio, Webpack, Ember, Handlebars, Grunt, Node and Hapi
Mobile: Java for Android, and Swift and Objective C for iOS.