Customer Happiness Champion πŸ’Œ

Mumbai or Remote
Community Operations

Update: We may not be actively looking for a new Customer Happiness Champion at the moment, but forecast team expansion in the near future and are taking applications since the opening could become active again anytime soon. We are, however, actively hiring for the Customer Happiness Champion (Support Squad - Flexible Week) role. Click here to check out that role.

Tribe (Team) - Community
Squad (Sub Team) - Support (Email & Live Chat Engagement) βœ‰οΈ

We're building the world's first AI-driven marketing bot that will help over 100 million creators and makers grow online everyday. Crowdfire's 15 million+ users spread across the globe include freelancers, artists, e-sellers, bloggers and everyone trying to do something on their own - the underdogs who will rule the world!

At Crowdfire, helping our amazing users is everyone's responsibility. But we have 1 dedicated team that champions this πŸ’ͺ . And we're looking for someone to be a part of this team. This is not a mindless low level job that looks like this. ❌

It's a role we consider very important to our growth, retention & happiness numbers.

We're looking for a Customer Happiness Champion who can take up the responsibility of Crafting (awesomely) thoughtful πŸ‘Œ, personalized responses for our users when they reach out to us (via Email βœ‰οΈ or Chat ), identify support trends πŸ“ˆ, share feedback you hear from our users πŸ“’ and flag bugs or issues actively with the rest of the team ⚠️ ; also being the powerhouse of all the knowledge around the app. πŸ“–

This role isn’t only about troubleshooting problems. It’s also about helping our users understand Crowdfire inside-out and help them make the best use of it. You will also contribute to posts in the Help Center website.
1 year work experience in a similar role is preferred. (Don't let that stop you from applying if you think you fit the role!)

P.S: If you're looking for a similar role for an offset week with a flexible remote weekend, check this one - Customer Happiness Champion (Support Squad - Flexible Remote Weekend)

We think you'll be a good fit if -

    • You have excellent written and spoken English skills. πŸ‘
    • You care deeplygenuinely and passionately about customer support as a career
    • You Love engaging with and helping people via Email & Chat ❀️
    • A saddened user saddens you 😟
    • You're curious AF and get to the bottom of every problem. πŸ”
    • You're a good social media user and understand exactly how social media works (or doesn’t work)
    • You're an expert problem solver, an even better Googler
    • You possess the ability to explain solutions in an easy to understand, concise and pleasing language
    • You are obsessed with getting to Inbox Zero
    • You enjoy reading and discussing Community & Customer Support blogs
    • You are self-driven, ambitious, kind and ego-less, have superior organizational skills, integrity, a great follow through on tasks and obsessed with details
    • You have an unsaid 1 emoticon per email rule πŸ˜€
    • You don't get overwhelmed easily and don’t let stuff slip through the cracks.
    • You are ready for anything. This is a startup. Things change like the Alaskan weather. ⚑️
    • You can turn upset users into product evangelists!
    • You are persistent and never ever ever give up on a user. πŸƒ

Under the hood

    • We do 200+ email conversations per day. (On days a trigger happy developer pushes out the wrong line of code we can do 300+) πŸ‘Š
    • We use Freshdesk, Zendesk & Slack for support. (If you’re familiar with these, it’s a bonus)
    • Our benchmarks for awesome customer delight - Mailchimp, Slack, Basecamp & Uber (and so many more like them!)

What’s in it for you:

    • This opportunity is unique because you'll be an early hire in our new Support Squad βœ‹
    • You'll be part of a young team that truely cares about kickass support.
    • Good pay, Amazing workspace, medical insurance, great perks, a kickass office and a hell lot of amazing pictures
    • A learning experience by working and growing with a product used by over 15 million global users

We work in Sprints! (And not a day long marathon!)

A day in the life of a Customer Happiness Champion is divided into 3 Sprints.

Think of a sprint as a short period (usually 3 hours) of highly focused time! Sprint 1 begins when we get to HQ and is completely focused on getting to Inbox Zero. In Sprint 2 most of us usually breakaway into other projects that we may be part of or spend time reading, learning and working on skills. In Sprint 3 we return to getting to Inbox Zero.

The Sprint approach to work helps us carve out our productive times, map out our work, take refreshing breaks and get involved in more projects. We love this style of working and are sure you will too!

Ready to Apply?

Take the task in the application form and Apply. In this Task we'll judge you for your ability to understand the product,solve the problems, language, tone, formatting, clarity & empathy.

Keep your answers clear, casual and positive. Pay attention to the way you structure and format your response. Connect with the user, sound human, not robotic. Most importantly - experience the app yourself before beginning the task! Try and be as specific as possible.