Engineering Manager, Publish Tribe

Software Engineering

We're building the world's first AI-driven marketing bot that will help over 100 million individuals and small-businesses grow online everyday. Crowdfire's 15 million+ users spread across the globe include freelancers, artists, e-sellers, bloggers - the underdogs who will rule the world!

We’re looking for a talented Engineer to lead our Publish tribe. "Publish" is a high impact feature that is used by thousands of Crowdfire users to engage with, and grow their online audience by sharing relevant content. Its content recommendation engine helps our users discover the best content across the world, and share it across multiple social networks in one-click.

About the job:

    • You’ll work with the Product team to assess the feasibility of new features, plan, prioritise and ship it.
    • You'll lead a team of Backend, Mobile, and Web engineers. You’ll also focus on different aspects of project management - set technical goals for the team, plan the development process, and estimate the project timeline.
    • You’ll mentor your team, and ensure that they are growing as engineers, doing valuable work, and are on target.
    • You’ll build, foster and evangelise about the value of a data-driven development culture.

About you:

    • You have several years of serving in either an engineering management role or a senior engineering team lead role.
    • You possess exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
    • You are highly organized. With many people doing many things in a fast-moving company, strong organizational skills—both for yourself and for the team—will be required.
    • You are able to weigh several and often conflicting constraints and make rapid decisions in a fast-moving and quickly-growing company.
    • You have the technical strength and deep knowledge of the whole stack to give great architecture and implementation guidance to the teams who will count on your experience.
    • You know that the most important part of your job is setting the team up for success. Through mentoring, teaching, and reviewing, you help other engineers make sound architectural decisions, improve their code quality, and get out of their comfort zone.


We use (and experiment with) different programming languages and databases based on the scale and requirements of the micro service.

Backend: Primarily Java and Node.js; also Python and Golang.
Infrastructure: Mainly AWS, and Kubernetes
Databases: Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, Aerospike, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, and Redis (cache)
Web: React, Redux, Socketio, Webpack, Ember, Handlebars, Grunt, Node and Hapi
Mobile: Java for Android, and Swift and Objective C for iOS.