Content Crafter, Storyteller and Interviewer

Marketing & Communications

TL;DR- If you're amazing at Finding and Interviewing awesome Crowdfire users, Weaving together their stories and producing engaging & inspiring posts…Apply 😄

Hello! We’re looking for an enthusiastic, well-read, well-spoken self-starting creative individual who can help us craft words that’ll resonate with our Community online. 

You’ll have to coordinate and collaborate with the Product, Design and Community teams to produce quality content that can be published on our Blog- Going Big. This will include product-feature posts, topical posts, inspirational stories and monthly digests summarizing Crowdfire’s activity to our Community each month. You’ll have to communicate the day-to-day changes within the product in an easily consumable, digestible manner. You’ll need to be constantly on the lookout for upcoming features or additions and be able to craft blogposts that’ll describe these developments to our audience.

You should have a knack for earthing out quality users on Crowdfire. You have amazing interpersonal skills that will lend to your interviewing abilities. You should be able to make these Creators comfortable and make them open up to you about all their challenges, struggles and triumphs. You’ll then have to write a compelling tale about their lives that’ll serve to motivate and inspire our Community.

You can write all day, every day, 5 days a week. 

To summarize, we want a content creator, a blogger, an interviewer and a storyteller. Sound like you?

*Before applying, make sure to check out our Blog-Going Big, to gauge what kind of work we’re looking for. Peruse all articles from April 2017 onwards. 

Knowledge or experience with any of these tools would definitely help your cause: Medium, Paper by Dropbox, Mailchimp, MixPanel.