Reliability Engineer


The position we're looking to fill would typically involve:
- Working with developers to streamline build and deployment processes 
- Managing and monitoring app health and server/infrastructure status
- Capacity planning and scaling existing cluster infrastructure as needed
- Applying security best practices and keeping up with patches and 0day vulnerabilities
- Helping transition all infrastructure and services to a more High Availability oriented architecture

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About CrowdRiff
At CrowdRiff, our platform delivers the the best way for brands to effectively operationalize earned and owned media. It's a powerful new way to engage, distribute, and leverage content, enabling remarkable marketing success, every day.

Our Last 12 Months
- Two major platform evolutions
- Team size doubled, which resulted in two office moves
- Client base grew by 1200%!
- Became market leaders in the travel and tourism industry

The Tech
The customer facing management interface (CrowdRiff Console) is also a single page web app written in React/Redux that talks to a RESTful backend written using Express on Node. The end user facing apps are single page React/Flux web apps that talks to a RESTful backend written in Go. All layouts are done in JSX/HTML5 and styled using SASS. All apps are built with Webpack via Gulp and tested using Mocha and Karma.

All apps are backed by Redis for caching and Postgres for persistent storage. They are also supported by medium sized REST services written in Go relying heavily on Postgres, Redis and Elasticsearch.

All apps can be built, tested and deployed with a single command. Continuous Integration is done using TravisCI and all services are auto-deployed to Test and Prod environments using AWS CodeDeploy, once all tests pass.

Additional Information
- Competitive vacation policy
- Employee benefits (medical, dental, vision)
- Macbook Pro supplied
- An office Downtown Toronto (King & Spadina)
- Regular team gatherings & outings
- Flexible work hours
- Monthly TTC pass

We hope you’ll strongly consider joining us. If this isn’t a good fit for you, please share it with other potential A-Players.

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CrowdRiff is an equal opportunity employer and as such does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, national origins, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws.  Selection decisions are solely based on job-related factors.