Reliability Engineer


What’s CrowdRiff?

Great visuals tell stories that touch hearts, open minds, and even influence what we buy, eat, and do. That’s why CrowdRiff exists: to connect brands and consumers alike with the captivating imagery that makes a real impact. As a market leader in travel and tourism technology, we help get people excited to scuba dive in Tahiti, explore Napa’s wine country, and bungee jump in Queenstown. CrowdRiff’s visual marketing platform helps marketers source, organize and publish visuals at scale.

Our team is a quirky and diverse crew that has one thing in common: our love for great visuals. Every day, we work across desks, departments and even oceans to reach our goals, and delight our customers. If you’re passionate about helping everyone see what matters, you’re just our type.

Your Role: Reliability Engineer

As our first dedicated Reliability Engineer, your focus would be on ensuring our build and deployment processes are healthy, streamlined and, well, reliable! You'll work with our entire engineering team to scale, monitor and own CrowdRiff's technical infrastructure. A typical day could include:

- Working with developers to streamline build and deployment processes 
- Managing and monitoring app health and server/infrastructure status
- Capacity planning and scaling existing cluster infrastructure as needed
- Applying security best practices and keeping up with patches and 0day vulnerabilities
- Helping transition all infrastructure and services to a more High Availability oriented architecture

The Tech

The customer facing management interface (CrowdRiff Console) is a single page web app written in React/Redux that talks to a RESTful backend written using Express on Node. The end user facing apps are also single page React/Flux web apps that talk to a RESTful backend written in Go. All layouts are done in JSX/HTML5 and styled using SASS. All apps are built with Webpack via Gulp and tested using Mocha and Karma.

All apps are backed by Redis for caching and Postgres for persistent storage. They are also supported by medium sized REST services written in Go relying heavily on Postgres, Redis and Elasticsearch.

All apps can be built, tested and deployed with a single command. Continuous Integration is done using TravisCI and all services are auto-deployed to Test and Prod environments using AWS CodeDeploy, once all tests pass.

Haven't worked with all of these tools? No problem. We're a team of learners and teachers, and are happy to bring you up to speed.

Why CrowdRiff?

- Interesting, challenging work + a friendly, inclusive culture
- A generous vacation policy and unique travel-focused benefits. If you like, you’ll even be able to visit our client destinations around the globe
- Light filled, dog-friendly and human-friendly office near King + Spadina
- Health Benefits (medical, dental, vision)
- Macbook Pro
- Regular team building events, a weekly Salad Club, & a well stocked tea/coffee bar
- Flexible work hours
- Monthly TTC pass
- Weekly internal learning activities & quarterly hack events

For more information, please visit our website and learn more about our team. 

CrowdRiff is an equal opportunity employer and as such does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, national origins, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws. Selection decisions are solely based on job-related factors.