UI Artist

Los Gatos, California
Neverwinter – Art
Full Time
**UI Artist, Neverwinter**

Cryptic Studios is seeking a talented UI Artist to collaborate in the design and creation of PC and console user interfaces for Neverwinter, our highly successful Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG.  You’re that artist whose deep understanding of UX and passion for design aesthetics just won’t let you settle for anything less than the best.  You take equal pride in every pixel of your work, and every moment of the player’s experience.  You’ll work closely with design, engineering and other artists to envision, refine and perfect the look, feel and functionality of gameplay systems across the game.

**What you’ll be doing:**

*  Creating visual concepts, wireframes and prototype pitches for game UI features, interfaces and iconography
*   Working closely with the art lead and concept teams to ensure a compelling, cohesive and consistent look for interfaces and game branding
*   Collaborating with UX and system designers, engineers and other developers to brainstorm, conceptualize, create, implement and iterate until complex systems are represented with UI that feels natural and obvious
*  Creating handoff documentation, then communicating and iterating with the UI implementer during development
*   Managing visual designs and styles for multiple features across the breadth of the game and delivering final UI and icon assets
*  Coordinating with Cryptic’s outsourcing team as needed to ensure a smooth flow of assets from external vendors

**What we'd like to see:**

*  3+ years’ experience creating user interfaces, titles and menus for games, film, or web
*  Exceptional graphic design skills, including a solid understanding of color, composition, space and typography
*  Ability to create both static and dynamic animated UI systems with a solid understanding of basic animation principles
*  Strong game design sensibilities and ability to create heads-up displays, menus and interfaces that reflect gameplay needs
*  Deep knowledge of game UI/UX and understanding of current UI practices in PC and console games
*  Expert knowledge of visual design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
* Basic ability to understand and/or edit existing UI scripting
*  Ability and willingness to learn proprietary and consumer user interface tools
* Excellent organizational and communication skills as well as a positive, professional attitude while working under multiple deadlines
*  BA or BS degree in a relevant field or equivalent work experience

*  Demonstrated proficiency with scripting and/or programming languages (Python, Lua, C++, C#, etc.)
*  Solid foundation in traditional art, drawing, painting, illustration and/or concept art
*  Avid gamer on multiple platforms
*   Familiarity with, and passion for the Dungeons & Dragons franchise

**Required Application Materials:**

*  Resume and cover letter
* Portfolio or demo reel demonstrating relevant technical and/or artistic skills
*  An art test and/or additional artistic sample materials may be required