Fearless Dragon Slayer

Victoria, BC
The Role
We'll be heading off beginning first of next year. Our journey is expected to take up to two years and our target is 12 red dragon eggs.

Our buyer is from Calder and you will not know his name. We have with us a skilled wizard and two dwarfs an eleven princess and a druid. The team is known to be a bit feisty at times and skirmishes are always a staple after a tavern visit.

We're headed through mountains and valleys so be prepared.

About Us
CTR is a guild of great legend. We operate within a space with no laws or governance, we have traveled the seven seas and killed a great cyclops. A large portion of our battles occur in dungeons, although the casual raiding of gold stockpiles is of interest.

What really makes us stand out is the blessing of might and arcane intellect. Our paladins are second to none. We have traversed the Great Plain of Valinor and challenged the Galbadia military.

You possess a strong suit of armor ideally with fire resistance V. We're not looking for someone who will turn to a crisp. You'd ideall have experience with at least 5 slayings of drakes, 2 red dragons as well as an entire hatch of welps (LEEEEEERRRROOYYY JENKINS). You'll succeed with these skills:

You will be successful if you

    • +2 Marksman
    • Invisibility IV
    • Can speak Elven

Basic Qualifications

    • Ability to identify dragon from a distance, we're not looking to get too close to a Sui Riu
    • Excellent herbalism and alchemy, we'll always need potions
    • Thorough knowledge of common spells and blessings, blessing of kings is a definite plus
    • Strong understanding of tracking behavior of orcs, we don't one sneaking up on us
CTR offers competitive bounties and shared loot program. While rolls are required, it's need before greed.

How To Apply

Please just cast down the lightning from the sword in your hand and we'll be listening for the roar of the century.

CTR is not a place for the faint of heart, we dislike lizard people and have no tolerance for goblins or gnomes.