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About us

Curio builds bleeding edge crypto games and infrastructure. Since 2021, we’ve been pioneers in the onchain game space, shipped mini games to thousands of users, and we are about to ship our first major title Duper, a high-stakes, cross-genre social strategy game. Our game studio veterans hails from titles like Genshin Impact, Halo, Pacific Rim, help scaling those products to millions of users. We also raised 8M+ from top crypto investors to fuel our expansion.

Our vision is to build the ultimate fan-powered universe and competition platform around Duper. Our thesis around crypto games revolves around these pillars:

Crypto-centric gameplay: There exists a huge opportunity space for building truly crypto native gameplay such as high-stakes games. We not only build for hardcore gamers but also games for collectors, speculators, etc. In addition, smart contracts let 3rd party developers build additional experiences on-top of protocols, further boosting network effects.

Incentives and distribution: Crypto opens up innovation via removing roadblocks from traditional game platforms around user distribution and incentivization. In crypto, everything is a game, yet most current crypto games are still simple plug-and-plays from web2.

Community building: crypto has an unparalleled superpower in rallying a community around collectors, speculators, gamers. We leverage this to build an ultimate incentive aligned e-sports ecosystem around Duper instead of different parties extracting values out of one another.

Combined with our world-class game studio, we believe Curio can build the best crypto games out there.

About the role

You are excited about our mission ... and you have a lot to offer ... but you don’t see the role for you on our careers page. We would love to hear from you and determine if you background and skills will be the right match for any of our teams. Please apply under this role and we will look at your resume to determine if there is a fit for at Curio now or in the future. 
Even if the above qualifications aren't an exact match, passionate and enthusiastic people who love to quickly learn are always welcome! Feel free to reach out or apply regardless and we would love to chat.