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About us

At Curio, we’re building the next-generation of games, starting with our first on-chain 4x strategy game. Imagine a virtual world where large-scale battles take place, where players compose smart contracts and invent unseen policy systems over the virtual world's political landscape, and where you may launch economies of your own backed by real currencies, for the empires you lead.

We’re all-in on composability — the ability to let players contribute in-game content in an open manner, through code as well as low-code tools. We are scaffolding the foundation of these future games to come, such as our in-house fully on-chain game engine on the EVM. Thousands of players have already experienced our demo built on top of it. These advancements radically shift the way players interact with the virtual worlds that they hold dear.

We’re backed by the best in the space, including Bain Crypto, TCG Crypto, Robot Ventures, and a team of amazing angels who hail from Niantic, Coinbase, and more. We work in-person in an office in San Francisco. We prefer candidates located in or willing to relocate to the Bay Area, but we also welcome remote candidates with strong fit to what we're building. Join us!

About the role

You are excited about our mission ... and you have a lot to offer ... but you don’t see the role for you on our careers page. We would love to hear from you and determine if you background and skills will be the right match for any of our teams. Please apply under this role and we will look at your resume to determine if there is a fit for at Curio now or in the future. 
Even if the above qualifications aren't an exact match, passionate and enthusiastic people who love to quickly learn are always welcome! Feel free to reach out or apply regardless and we would love to chat.