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About us

Curio is building next-gen crypto games and infrastructure with strong user generated content (UGC). Previous generation of games are closed, preventing players from contributing UGC that hook into core game logic and accessing game data. We envision a world where players are free to invent and build, such as it’s building an asset exchange, drafting up political agreements, or even issuing your own in-game currency and inventing new monetary systems.

We are working on solving cutting-edge blockchain engineering problems that can bring this to reality. So far, we’ve built a fully on-chain game engine on the Ethereum Virtual Machine and launched Treaty — a strategy game where players form alliances and draft up policies to win. For the first time, user generated code is fully enforced by the game engine, and by leveraging such composability enabled by crypto, this amplifies player creativity and radically shift the way players interact with the worlds that they hold dear.

We’re backed by top investors including Bain Crypto, TCG Crypto, Robot Ventures, Formless Capital, and a team of amazing angels who hail from Niantic, Coinbase, and more.


    • Build the core components of next-gen games, which includes blockchain indexers, game UI interfaces, data analytics dashboards, on-chain and off-chain data ingestion pipelines, and the blockchain itself.
    • Use full-stack web technology to develop MVPs and run experiments to validate ideas and iterate quickly, leveraging new technologies, tools when needed.
    • Conduct R&D in cutting edge blockchain technology to server high-performance and composable on-chain games.
    • Integrate user feedback and improve upon all components of the gaming experience.


    • 5+ years of full-stack experience. Familiarity with technologies such as Typescript, React, Node, Python, Golang, Flask, Redis.
    • Extreme scrappiness in prototyping and building out proof-of-concepts during heavy R&D.
    • Ability to lead, design, and execute building complex systems with a lot of moving parts.
    • High level of transparency and communicate intentions with integrity and honesty.

Bonus if ...

    • You’ve worked with low-level languages such as Rust, C++, C.
    • You have understanding of game-specific engineering such as designing gaming backends and game engines with technologies like Unity, Unreal, Godot, gRPC, net-code.
    • Experience in low-level blockchain development such as Geth and Cosmos SDK.
    • General UI/UX sense and enjoy pretty designs.
    • Proactive creativity in how engineering can best serve new types of gameplay combined with crypto.
    • You have knowledge and insights in the NFT space, DeFi, and current blockchain games.
    • You have a hustler mentality and love to build side projects!
    • You can join us in person in our San Francisco office.

Why join us?

    • As an early team member, you will receive highly competitive cash and equity compensations.
    • You’ll have opportunities to take great ownership and shape the next generation of gaming.
    • Be learning and building every day with one of the first and most anticipated teams in the on-chain gaming space.
    • We provide perks such as full health, dental, and vision insurance, 401k matching, team retreats, and more.
Even if the above qualifications aren't an exact match, passionate and enthusiastic people who love to quickly learn are always welcome! Feel free to reach out or apply regardless and we would love to chat.