Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote)

Cheyenne, WY /
Technology /
We see a future where all banks will need to support digital assets and provide meaningful API capabilities to tech-savvy customers. Custodia is already a chartered bank, and we are building toward our launch as a US dollar clearing bank that provides custody services for bitcoin and other digital assets. Our flagship product will be a bank-issued digital dollar, allowing for faster, cheaper, and programmable U.S. dollar transactions. Our founders have deep experience in both bitcoin and traditional financial services. If you expect more from existing banks, join our team and help build a better one, from the ground up.

You might work on

    • Client-facing applications
    • Administrative dashboards
    • Design System / UI components
    • UI automation tools

We’re looking for someone with

    • Substantial experience with React and Redux
    • Appreciation for UX
    • Experience separating the data/api layer and the presentation layer with front-end applications
    • Developed apps from scratch and shipped to production
    • Understands the importance of unit & end-to-end testing
    • Remote work experience

Bonus if you have experience with

    • CSS-in-JS tools such as Styled Components
    • TypeScript
    • Playwright / Puppeteer
    • Webpack 4 or 5

Our engineering team includes

    • A remotely distributed team with a strong communication and planning process
    • Digital Asset developers, including Bitcoin Core Contributors
    • Financial Exchange developers, including derivatives markets platform developers
    • UX developers, including former GoDaddy design system lead