Full-stack Software Engineer

Full Time
Job location: London
Salary: £35,000-£75,000 + stock options
Opening date: 16 December 2019
Closing date: 31 January 2020

You rarely get the chance to change an industry. But that's position we find ourselves in.

We're developing a revolutionary new type of cell growing machine. Cells are key to every biotech and pharma company - from those developing new drugs, to those developing new cell-based medicines. And yet today they're all grown totally manually, the same as 100 years ago. With our machines, for the first time our customers can hands-off manipulate and monitor batches of cells from the cloud.

We've already signed up some of the biggest companies in the space as customers for the coming year, and in the near future, our solutions will be growing cells for cell therapies - the best cancer cures ever created. Join us and help us get there! We have recently been featured in top lists from Labiotech as well as Forbes, and we're backed by Y Combinator, the most successful startup accelerator in the world which produced companies such as AirBnb, Stripe, and Ginkgo Bioworks.

You can learn more about what it's like to work at Cytera in this video: Link

Software sits across every part of our solutions - from software that orchestrates how different hardware modules behave, to the cloud app for control and monitoring. If you’re interested in working on solutions that will impact biology and healthcare, this is for you.
We’re looking for someone who who can both quickly iterate to deliver software prototypes, as well as take the time to architect well thought-out, scalable software. 

As our tech stack stretches all the way from the edge compute in the machines to the cloud, you'll be working with a wide range of technologies.

Here are just a few of the types of problems you could expect to work on:

    • Designing and implementing OS-level services that run on the physical hardware
    • Developing data pipelines to upload, store and analyse data such as images in AWS
    • Building out the React-based web app, where users control control and monitor their cell growing machines
    • Communication between our on-prem machines positioned with customers, and AWS 
    • Solving physical-world challenges involving the hardware, by implementing algorithms such as autofocus

Role responsibilities

    • Writing software across the tech stack, from services on the on-prem hardware to web app (excluding firmware)
    • Ideating and collaborating with biology and hardware teams to tackle cross-discipline product challenges
    • Collaborating on architectural decisions across the stack with the other software engineers, as well as input from the firmware team
    • Working with founders and outcomes from user tests, to implement user-facing features

Must have

    • Experience developing complex applications using a higher level programming language such as Javascript (ideally Typescript) or Python 3
    • Experience developing hybrid mobile applications or web applications using modern web frameworks such as React
    • A firm understanding of Docker and containerisation


    • Competitive £35,000-£75,000 salary + stock options
    • Lunch covered daily
    • Collaborative team environment with very high potential to learn new skills

Closing date

    • Applications close 31 January 2020
Our solutions are going to transform the way every biotech works. Join us and help us get there!