Junior Mechanical Engineer

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Full Time
You rarely get the chance to change an entire industry. But that's position we find ourselves in. 
We're developing a machine that totally automates human cell production - one of the most painful but important processes in biology.

Cells are crucial for biotech and pharma. They're used to discover and develop new drugs, AND they enable state-of-the-art cancer treatments where cells are the medicine. Cytera has the potential to impact cure development across the board.

Today, every biotech loses so much time growing cells by hand! With our cell growing machines, for the first time they can hands-off grow and monitor cell batches from the cloud...

We've assembled a world-class team to take on this challenge, with ex-Dyson engineers and Nature-published scientists working hand-in-hand. You can learn more about your potential Cytera teammates here: Team

Cytera is backed by Y Combinator, the most successful startup program in the world which produced companies such as AirBnb, Dropbox, and Ginkgo Bioworks.

We’re looking for a high-growth mechanical engineer early in their career to join our team. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop and learn from experienced colleagues within a high-autonomy environment.

We believe in high-growth candidates autonomy, and you should expect to execute on multi-week developments and attempt to overcome hurdles you encounter, with your colleagues available to advise and collaborate with as you require.

You'll be interfacing with multiple disciplines, such as software engineers and biologists, so you'll get to learn about these different areas too!


    • Refining existing designs
    • Collaborating with the team on new designs
    • Collaborating with the team on assembling and testing the latest prototypes and subassemblies

Must Have

    • BSc in a related discipline
    • Experience with at least 1 CAD package

Salary and Benefits

    • Competitive £30,000-£36,000 salary with stock options
    • Lunch covered daily
    • Collaborative team environment with very high potential to learn new skills
Our solutions are going to transform the way every biotech works. Join us and help us get there!