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Daedalean is a Zürich-based startup founded by ex-Google and ex-SpaceX engineers who want to completely revolutionize urban air travel within the next decade. We combine computer vision, deep learning, and robotics to develop full “level-5” autonomy for flying vehicles, both existing aircraft and the electric VTOLs that you may have seen in the media.  

We have opportunities available with different teams. We’d like to know more about you and how we could make your internship a valuable experience for both sides.

Tell us what it is that you have been doing and what you’d like to work on in our team. Is it related to Deep Learning? State Estimation? Motion Planning? Computer Vision? FPGAs? Hardware design? Or maybe something else? 

Show us what you are passionate about. If we can offer both guidance and an interesting opportunity in the field you want to pursue, we’ll hammer out the details together.

For this role, we do not provide work permit support hence only Swiss and EU citizens are eligible.


    • Strong hands-on C++, Go or Rust
    • Proven problem-solving skills


    • Strong impact: you will do work that matters, not one that no one else wants to do
    • Strong team: work with and learn from a team unique for a start-up of our size, with plenty of engineers from top companies, like SpaceX, Google, NVIDIA, Bloomberg, Yandex, and top universities & research facilities, like ETHZ, MSRI Berkeley
    • Unique product: safety-critical autonomous flight