C++ Engineer

Flight Software, Computer Vision and AI /
Full-Time /
Would you like to make planes fly on their own?

Then why not become the person that writes the code that one day will replace human pilots?

Your work will increase the onboard safety of the aircraft, while pushing the entire aviation industry forward with applied Machine Learning.

You’ll make a big impact, working in a team not bigger than 5 people. You won’t have to worry about any bureaucratic overheads either as we're flat structure. Our CEO is deeply technical, which makes a lot of things easier.

When you join a start-up as ambitious as ours, you’ll probably want to be sure you’ll be working with smart people you can learn from. Don't worry, many of your colleagues are people who’ve joined us from places like SpaceX, Google, Nvidia and Facebook.

Your colleagues have all kinds of background (Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics) and come from all across Europe and Asia. What brought them together was the desire to build something innovative, on a global scale.

These are people like you. Skilled engineers who decided they wanted to be part of something significant that will positively impact what the world will look like in years to come. Sure, we don't pay as well as the big tech, but once we succeed, your stock options will compensate for that.

Maybe you currently work in a big company? You may have already achieved whatever was possible for an IC and are now starting to find your work tedious?

Maybe you’ve worked on computer vision? Machine Learning? Robotics?

Or you might be an experienced Game Programmer who can push the optimization to the next level, squeezing the best possible performance from whatever players have at home? Maybe you did optimization for GPUs, not in gaming specifically?

You might have worked on low-level programming, embedded, systems as well, who knows?

Whatever your experience, it’s allowed you to become very comfortable with C++, our main language.

And you are passionate about our goal and about solving problems that are un-Googleable?

You might be concerned about the use of AI to do harm. That's understandable, we are too, which is why we work on civilian applications only, no military stuff. Not now, not ever.

You don't have to send the most recent resume as we understand you might not have it ready. If you don't have it at all, just send a PDF of your LinkedIn profile. Or you can contact me; Karol Rychwalski directly via email: kr at daedalean dot ai

Everybody will receive a response.