Chief Architect (Autonomous Dynamic Flight Planner)

Flight Software, Computer Vision and AI /
/ Hybrid
About us:
Daedalean is a Zürich-based startup founded by experienced engineers who want to completely revolutionize air travel within the next decade. We combine computer vision, deep learning, and robotics to develop full “level-5” autonomy for flying vehicles.

Your role:
The position will be responsible for leading the design team in the development of the ADFP, which forms the core of the Daedalean autonomous flight suite. The ADFP will integrate the Daedalean proprietary traffic and terrain sensing capabilities, normal flight planning, aircraft system monitoring, abnormal situation flight replanning, and autonomous flight control in normal and emergency situations.


    • 15+ years experience in the development of commercial vehicle management systems, flight control systems, and/or avionic systems including autopilots.
    • Experience in the development of highly critical systems having potentially catastrophic failure conditions.
    • Experience with various position and traffic sensing technologies.
    • Experience with aircraft attitude sensing technologies.
    • Experience with avionics and/or flight control computing platforms, especially for highly critical applications, including control and monitoring schemes, and control law development.
    • Experience with autopilot and/or flight control actuation systems for highly critical applications.
    • Experience in developing commercial systems to the SAE ARP4754A and ARP4761 standards, for highly critical systems.
    • Experience with avionics software development to RTCA DO-178C standard, and hw development to RTCA DO-254 standard.
    • Experience in system integration and flight testing of manned and unmanned vehicles.
    • Experience in certifying highly critical systems with EASA and FAA.
    • Experience in leading highly technical development teams in a rapid iteration environment.
    • Proven leadership skill in various large reputable commercial aerospace organizations, on large highly critical systems.


    • A team of experienced engineers and researchers, who joined us from most recognized companies and institutions.
    • Difficult and interesting problems to solve. 
    • Test flights in the Swiss Alps for you to join.
    • Stock options.
    • Pilot license subsidy.
    • Hybrid work setting.
    • Learning & Development budget: visit conferences of your choice.
    • Gym membership.