Senior Software Engineer

Pasadena, CA
Product Engineering

Our current project is to create LiDAR using our software defined light. As a Software Engineer you will be responsible for developing code, documentation and testing. Your work will include but not be limited to: research, planning, software programming and data analysis. We are constantly analyzing our data to make corrections, working with stakeholders to design and implement modifications for performance optimization.


    • MS Degree in one of the following:  Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
    • 6+ years of programming experience in MATLAB, C or C++
    • Prior experience in one or more of the following areas: target tracking, sensor fusion, LiDAR, or computer vision.
    • Strong problem solving skills.
    • Self-motivated, flexible, sense of humor.

DAQRI is the leading augmented reality/4D company focused on transforming the Future of Work.  It delivers the most innovative hardware and software that is bridging the gap between potential and experience.  DAQRI works with the world’s largest and most respected companies to enhance human abilities by seamlessly connecting people to their environments and providing relevant information instantaneously. The DAQRI SmartHelmet and 4D Studio authoring platform deliver cutting-edge enterprise solutions in industrial, manufacturing, oil & gas, aerospace, and more.  DAQRI is headquartered in Los Angeles with centers of excellence in Detroit, Dublin, Milton Keynes and Battle U.K, Vienna.