Developer Experience Advocate

Paris, France
Engineering – Engineering
Dataiku’s mission is big: to enable all people throughout companies around the world to use data by removing friction surrounding data access, cleaning, modeling, deployment, and more. But it’s not just about technology and processes; at Dataiku, we also believe that people (including our people!) are a critical piece of the equation.

As a Developer Experience Advocate in the Dataiku Engineering team, you’ll play a crucial role helping us have a real impact on the daily life of data scientists and analysts with development skills. You’ll be working alongside Software engineers, Product managers and UX designers. You will be responsible for API clients and content targeted at developers working with Dataiku DSS.

DSS is a machine-learning platform that connects together all big data technologies. We work with all major cloud services, SQL databases, NoSQL databases, Hadoop, Spark, MLLib, scikit-learn, Shiny, … and many more. Basically, our technological stack includes most of the Big Data and Machine Learning landscape.

One of the most unique characteristics of DSS is the breadth of its scope and the fact that it caters both to data analysts (with visual analytics) and data scientists (with deep integration in code and libraries, and a web-based IDE).

You will work primarily with Python, R, Javascript and Java, but also possibly with C#, Julia and many more programming languages.

This is a full-time position, primarily based in Paris, France.

You will

    • Develop and maintain the Python and SDK wrapping the DSS REST API, so that all new features are easily available to external developers
    • Build SDKs for additional programming languages (starting with Javascript)
    • Extend these SDKs with additional helpers and tools to improve the lives of developers working with our platform, based on their feedback.
    • Ensure that our API documentation are accurate, easy to understand, and are truly helping developers
    • Own and develop the various code samples available in DSS and its documentation (ranging from HelloWorld to Deep Learning models), focusing on solving real problems and bringing immediate value to developers
    • Be the go-to expert for anything related to developing in or for DSS
To fulfill its mission, Dataiku is growing fast (having just closed a $101 Series C round in December 2018 and looking to double in 2019), but still maintains a startup spirit. Dataiku serves its global customer base from its headquarters in New York City as well as offices in Paris, London, Munich, Singapore, and Sydney. Each of our offices has a unique culture, but underpinning local nuances, we always value curiosity, collaboration, and can-do attitudes.