Software Engineer - Advanced Analytics

Paris, France
Engineering – Ecosystem
Dataiku’s mission is big: to enable all people throughout companies around the world to use data by removing friction surrounding data access, cleaning, modeling, deployment, and more. But it’s not just about technology and processes; at Dataiku, we also believe that people (including our people!) are a critical piece of the equation.

We are looking for outstanding R&D software engineers to contribute to expand Dataiku DSS capabilities for advanced and/or specific use cases. Within the engineering team and in collaboration with Product Managers, and our advanced analytics lab, you will develop production-ready components and integrate them to Dataiku DSS.

One of the most unique characteristics of our product, Dataiku DSS, is the breadth of its scope and the fact that it caters to both data analysts (with visual analytics) and data scientists (with deep integration in code and libraries, and a web-based IDE).

You will work to  explore further and deliver solutions for use cases that are not fully addressed by the core capabilities of DSS.

The use cases may include:

Computational mathematics topics: advanced machine learning, statistics, operations research, simulation, decision modeling, time series and signal processing, computer vision, natural language processing, etc.
Working with geographic information systems, financial data, medical images or other specific data types
Integration with new languages or platforms
And possibly lots of others...

Together with Product Managers and Data Scientists, you will be working in direct contact with clients to answer their needs and improve their experience of DSS. You will strive to provide building blocks and/or integration with third party libraries that will help address these needs and augment our product for future uses.

This is a software engineering position, you will be responsible for designing your components and developing production-ready code following the best software engineering standards.

We use mostly Python and Java but occasionally code using Scala, R or Julia. Integration with other languages or platforms can fall in the scope of this position.

You’re the ideal recruit if:

    • You are curious and pragmatic: you want to explore extensions to our product but are motivated by delivering production code for business use cases
    • You like to sometimes go out of the office/lab to see data science in the wild so that you implement things our users actually need, even (and especially) when they are actually very simple
    • You have experience in one or several of the above computational mathematics domains
    • You are autonomous and dedicated to push some boundaries but have a humble and friendly personality, you are not interested in looking smarter than your colleagues
    • You have a first experience building a real product (in academia or in a company)
To fulfill its mission, Dataiku is growing fast (having just closed a $101 million Series C round in December 2018 and looking to double in 2019), but still maintains a startup spirit. Dataiku serves its global customer base from its headquarters in New York City as well as offices in Paris, London, Munich, Singapore, and Sydney. Each of our offices has a unique culture, but underpinning local nuances, we always value curiosity, collaboration, and can-do attitudes.