System Administrator

At Datalogue, we believe that the shift from speculative to data driven decision-making will revolutionize the day-to-day processes that enterprises measure and optimize. We serve companies committed to shifting the majority of their decisions from the speculative to the data driven realm for better, more measurable, and more responsive decisions.

We empower these companies by developing an internal measure for the velocity of their data operation: time to data. We help them optimize this metric by building products that use techniques brought over from the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This helps our customers access, understand, and prepare data as they need them for decisions.

As Datalogue's first dedicated system administrator, you'll be working as part of the Customer Success operations team to get our product into the customer's hand, and to keep it running as a high performance system.
You will help define and understand our clients deployment environment as well as the security and networking challenges that stand between Datalogue and the data. You are a flexible and technical engineer who is happy understanding and working within challenging customer environments. You also have an eye towards automation and scaling, building the tool belt that you and your colleagues will use. You’re a phenomenal teammate and you work well in diverse teams, both internally and with our varied customers.

Your first three months

    • Within the Customer Success - Ops team, you will learn about our different customers, and the specifics of their environments. You will start creating good relationships with our customers.
    • You will understand the technical aspects of our tools and our product and how to deploy it. You will access the different customer environments and do preventive checks early on and start monitoring them.
    • You will provide on-site and remote support for deployments of our solution's microservices. You will maintain, monitor, and test network and cloud-based microservices (docker, kubernetes) as well as our lab.
    • You will upgrade and perform regression testing of our software on various Linux flavors and deployment types, as well as deploy automated fixes, in collaboration with engineering.

Your next three months

    • You will be in charge of the smooth running of our systems within our customer environments. You will perform initial troubleshooting to understand the issues and report them in our ticketing system.
    • You will liaise with and champion the customer internally so that engineering can specify and pursue any customer issues swiftly.
    • You will update and maintain documentation for the processes that are put in place.
    • You will make use of cloud technologies like Google, Amazon and Azure.
    • You will employ automation and development tools like Ansible, shell scripting and Python (in cooperation with our engineering teams) to deploy our products. You’ll also get a chance to play with our NVIDIA DGX-1 supercomputer and in other high-tech environments.
    • You will monitor performance and availability of our lab, clouds, customer infrastructure and deployed software.
    • You will support our customer base and be involved in pager-duty (Note that we use Slack primarily, so you will not end up with a physical pager).

After 6 months

    • You will populate our knowledge base with issues encountered in the field so we quickly know why/what’s happening when we see that problem again.
    • You will use established standard methodologies to deploy solutions at customer sites and help us refine the code used to deploy.
    • When onboarding a new customer, you will lead the initial understanding of the customer environment.
    • You will drive initial deployments to production; patching, hotfixes and new releases, and the running of validation tests to ensure everything runs smoothly at our different customer locations.
    • You will work closely with DevOps methodologies to improve our systems over time.

We'd love to hear from you if:

    • You care deeply about the user experience of highly technical users;
    • You have experience (or major inclination towards) using Linux (especially Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and/or Debian) and/or you absolutely love using the command line and are eager to learn new skills every day. It is a bonus if you've also acquired some experience with Docker and/or Kubernetes.
    • You have had some exposure to medium/large customer engagements, or are interested in having an impact and being involved with major customers.
    • You thrive in environments where you’re working closely with customers and developers to report and ultimately resolve issues they might be having.
    • You recognize the importance of collaborating when solving hard problems with everyone involved. You understand the need to work with our DevOps team to deploy automation so work becomes better and faster with every iteration.
    • You understand network and security challenges that come with large enterprise organizations.
    • You enjoy continuously learning new tech, and getting involved in learning about our customers and how we can help them. You use algorithmic thinking to break down complex problems into easier chunks to work on.
    • You know how to manage your time and work with multiple customers in parallel. You’re undaunted and embrace dynamic and sometimes chaotic environments. You are open to travel and meeting with our customers.
    • You're interested by complex technical discussions and challenges; you have a point of view, but low ego.
Datalogue is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.