Account Manager (Technical)

New York, New York /
Customer Success /
At Datalogue, we believe that the shift from speculative to data driven decision-making will revolutionize the day-to-day processes of enterprise. We serve companies that are committed to shifting the majority of their decisions from the speculative to the data driven realm. Companies that understand that they can achieve better, more measurable, and more responsive decisions as they do.

We empower these companies by developing an internal measure for the velocity of their data operations, a metric we call "time to data". We then help them optimize this metric by building products that use techniques brought over from the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This helps our customers access, understand, and prepare data as they need them for decisions.

As a member of Datalogue's core Customer Success team, you'll be working to understand our customer from a business and technical perspective. You will understand how our product is working, which features are used by which customers and what are the product's limitations.

On the customer side, you will get to know the organization and the people in it, and help provide them with what they need to derive value from their data. You will train our customers with our tool both from a practical and a strategic perspective. This customer relationship will allow us to gather a valuable feedback from them which you will provide to the product and engineering team.

You will ask the question: "How can we improve our customer's experiences with their data, and help drive our customer towards faster data driven decisions?"

You will explore customer data flows with our users to extrapolate both their data flows and their business goals. You will empathise with the customer to deeply understand their data pains.

We will work together to design workflows that effectively improve client time to data, and time to decision-making.
We will incorporate these flows and goals into technical and account plans that are utilized by sales and customer success to ensure that our customer is measurably increasing value in their data.

Your first month

    • You will work through the training programs that we offer our customers (which involves using our different interfaces). This will contextualize the tools we offer our clients, teach you about our product's features and its limitations.
    • You assist in our customer trainings and start thinking about how we can improve them.
    • You will begin learning python with our libraries, doing pair programming sessions with a member of the engineering team.
    • By the end of the month you will lead your first training session

Months 2-6

    • We will teach you about our different customers and help you to understand their specific use-cases.
    • You will create new and useful training content for each customer based on their specific needs and their data. You will collaborate with clients to extract their data goals. You will instruct some of our customers and show them the value of our tools.
    • You will describe approaches of how to use Datalogue to improve a customer's day to day data experience.
    • You will synthesize and extract information about missing features in our product from your own usage of the product during training and POCs and the feedback that you get from customers. You will further the product on the back of this synthesis by collaborating with product and engineering teams.
    • You will develop (or start to develop) your own relationships with our customers.

After 6 months

    • You will start transferring your knowledge to new team members and onboarding them to our product.
    • You will improve and iterate on our training program.
    • You will have the ability to answer more technical questions from customers or route them to the right people in the team.
    • You will assimilate and understand specific needs for each customers and being able to find solutions using our tools.
    • You will help the engineering and product team in sprint planning, give them all the missing information from the customer perspective and suggest new features based on your experience with customers.
    • You will report bugs and make sure they are prioritized, fixed and deployed. 

We'd love to hear from you if:

    • You value knowledge sharing and continuous learning, including about our customers and their industries.
    • You have experience as a business analyst, account manager, data scientist or data engineer or as python developer familiar with data.
    • You are willing to learn about data processes and data flows: how they are enacted traditionally and how machine learning can change these processes. You are interesting in learning Python and API calls.
    • You're undaunted by deeply technical discussions.
    • You have had exposure to large customer engagements, or are interested in learning about this.
    • You are curious about the business reasons behind organizational and technical barriers to effective data flows.
    • You are comfortable building relationships with people around you (your team and customers).
    • You are organized and able to work in an efficient way in different projects. You can use algorithmic thinking to break down complex compound problems into easy chunks.
    • You enjoy being out of your comfort zone and are able to manage ad hoc situations with customers and find quick solutions.
    • You recognize the importance of collaboration when solving hard problems, with team members as well as with customers.
    • You are always open to feedback and constructive criticism from your peers and you are using it to improve your skills.
    • You embrace a dynamic, sometimes chaotic startup environment.
    • You care deeply about the user experience of highly technical users.
    • You have a point of view and low ego.
Datalogue is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.