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About Dathena Science
Dathena is a Swiss and Singaporean company developing data governance software based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Dathena is the most complete and accurate data governance and classification platform and is the only solution to easily classify and manage data with this level of accuracy while helping companies to comply with regulations. Using cutting edge machine learning technology, Dathena sift through all unstructured data allowing to regain full control on company’s information.
We are looking for a Full Stack Engineer for a permanent position to work with us and our partners to improve our leading technology in managing the confidentiality of information of our Fortune 500 clients.

Job Purpose

    • Full Stack Engineer, keen to develop web/cloud-oriented and big data technologies, and integrate new libraries / framework into our codebase.
    • Bring the knowledge and curiosity in Dathena to develop big data applications.
    • Live your passion for software development in exciting Data Science and Cybersecurity projects and be inspired by your colleagues' enthusiasm.


    • You will implement sophisticated product development projects for the enterprise and cloud environments using modern, agile project methods within the Dathena Development & Engineering team.
    • You will efficiently and competently solve tricky software challenges, because continuous further development and active knowledge exchange mean that you will be working with the latest methods and tools and always be on trend.
    • As a Full Stack Engineer, you will cooperate with interdisciplinary teams in projects and experience how technology and team spirit unite to create innovative solutions and work closely with our team of data scientists, researchers and developers to implement the state of the art.

Skills and Qualifications

    • Languages: Python, JavaScript
    • Web frameworks: Django, Flask or any other MVC framework and its best practices
    • Experience with distributed systems and message queues like RabbitMQ and its applications (e.g. Celery)
    • Experience with working with relational DBs like PostgreSQL
    • Frontend: React or any other JS framework and its best practices
    • Experience integrating applications across the stack
    • Experience with managing applications with production constraints (performance, high availability, deployments)
    • Experience with Docker
    • Experience with cloud-based deployments is a plus (Azure, AWS, GCP etc.)

Working conditions

    • Location: Singapore R&D Office