Civilian/Military Detail

Pentagon, DC /
Engineer or Data Science /
Full-Time Position

The Defense Digital Service is a highly diverse SWAT team of nerds who operate as a start-up culture in the Federal Government. We are highly skilled technologists with skills in engineering, data science, design, and product management working daily on tackling the DoD’s toughest tech problems. 

Our mission is to drive a giant leap forward in the way the Department builds, buys and deploys technology and digital services.  The Department of Defense defends and protects our nation's military and civilians across the globe. However, complex systems and outdated tools can hinder this mission. We use design and technology to improve government services, strengthen national defense, and care for military members and their families.

At DDS, we know what can be done when we have technical people empowered to do what they do best. There are problems that exist today that can be solved right now with better technology and the right people. 

Manage complex stakeholder environments, working with senior level officials across components and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense to build support and consensus for DDS strategy and goals, which may be in conflict with department plans. Champion the use of modem technology development and management approaches, drawing heavily upon best practices from the technology industry such as open source and agile development. Ability to understand the characteristics of successful digital services and how they are built both inside and outside government, including user-centered design and development practices, to lead major initiatives. Ability to provide consultation on systems or policy proposals, and/or provide technical, policy, and programmatic guidance to DoD leaders at the most senior levels. Collaboratively develops and test the success of government-wide standards for digital services, leading to their adoption across the department. Identify, develop, and build support and tools for implementing a common user experience and brand across the Department. Assesses the state of current projects in components and plan and/or lead interventions when needed Contribute to a talent strategy designed to bring staff with the skills to deliver world­ class digital services into the department. Develop and refine the program strategy, based on interaction with components, key stakeholders, and experts. Incorporates agile development methodologies and open source practices into department product delivery. Work with other recognized technical experts within the department and throughout the federal government, as well individuals throughout private industry to develop a coordinated approach to unique problems or areas in which Federal agencies or the private sector has previously not been involved or concerned. 

Key Requirements:
• U.S. Citizenship.
• Must be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret/SCI clearance
•Obtain full support of current command and supervisor