Computational Biologist, Applications

Mountain View, CA /
Bioinformatics /
Deepcell is an early-stage Stanford spin-off company that has developed a unique platform for use in research, diagnostic testing, and therapeutics. We combine microfluidics, imaging, deep learning, and genomics to identify, isolate and analyze live, single cells. Our technology addresses diverse applications in the life sciences.

Come join Deepcell and make a difference! We're a small team of passionate innovators in biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, molecular biology, and genomics. Our technology has won multiple prestigious awards and is backed by top-tier venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. 


Bioinformatics is an essential component of Deepcell’s technology. You will integrate datasets from single-cell RNA and DNA sequencing with Deepcell’s single-cell morphological profiling data. You will analyze multi-omics datasets using statistical and machine learning methods to generate biologically meaningful insights, and will contribute to publications and patents. You will undertake all aspects of analysis on research projects: data curation, data processing, analysis, and presentation of results, and will maintain the highest level of scientific and statistical rigor in conducting research and data analysis. You will work in close collaboration with engineering, software, biology, and data science teams, as well as with external partners and collaborators.

Minimum Qualifications

    • Deep knowledge of current computational and analytical methods and tools for single-cell genomics and transcriptomics
    • Hands-on experience in the curation, processing and analysis of large omics datasets
    • Ph.D. or postdoc with a focus on computational biology or an allied discipline
    • Strong grounding in mathematical analysis and relevant statistical and machine learning methods
    • Passion for solving problems and for developing novel applications in biotechnology and medicine
    • Strong publication record
    • Strong communication skills including scientific writing

Preferred Qualifications

    • Strong software engineering skills and proficiency in Python 
    • Experience with deep learning techniques and tools